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Dream Center for Recovery’s state licensed drug and alcohol rehab program provides a completely private, safe, controlled and sober living environment that enables men and women ages 18 and older to completely immerse themselves into our comprehensive treatment services. The small, intimate size of our programs are designed to ensure that each client receives the compassionate and highly personalized care needed to achieve the dream of addiction-free living.

Why You Should Choose Dream Center for Recovery:

  • Master-Level Therapists
  • Individualized Treatment
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Extraordinary Facilities
  • Holistic Approach
  • Continuum of Care


We offer Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Like other treatment plans for substance abuse disorder, medication assisted treatment is focused on identifying and treating the root cause of the addiction. Therapy is also provided to help identify situations that may trigger cravings. Developing strategies to handle your known triggers without using substances is an important aspect of your treatment plan.

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  • Do you need help getting sober?

    How do I know if I need rehab?

    A telltale sign of addiction is when your substance of choice becomes your main focus. If the substance consumes your thoughts throughout the day and you spend increasing amounts of time, effort, and resources to acquire and use the drug, you may be addicted. As addiction progresses, your former interests, activities, and involvements eventually begin taking a backseat to drug use. If you have noticed that you no longer spend time with the people you love or choose to participate in the activities you previously enjoyed, you may have a problem and can likely benefit from entering an addiction treatment program.

    What Happens Once I Start Rehab?

    Detox: A period where the body rids itself of remaining toxins such as drugs and alcohol. Withdrawal symptoms are most acute during this time, which makes it difficult or impossible to detox alone. One of the greatest things about inpatient detox is the peace of mind that patients have during the detox process. During inpatient drug and alcohol detox, patients are monitored and medicated if necessary. This helps reduce cravings and make withdrawal symptoms more tolerable. Rehabilitation: Group and one-on-one therapy are used to help people recognize the true causes of their behavior, and help them cope with the realities of the disease of addiction. To help prevent relapse, coping strategies that address future situations and cravings are discussed. New activities and hobbies are introduced to fill the void left in one’s life by drugs and alcohol. Aftercare Plan: Considered by many to be the most important stage of the recovery process, patients are given a plan to stick to after leaving the inpatient drug and alcohol rehab facility. They’re introduced to sponsors who will be there for them when they need someone to talk to. Support groups, therapy, and continuing treatment are often recommended. Some people spend time in sober living houses until they’re ready to re-enter a more standard living situation.

    How Long Does Rehab Last?

    A traditional alcohol rehab program requires at least a 28-30 day stay in an alcohol rehab facility. This type of treatment is usually recommended for individuals with moderate drinking problems. Treatment typically includes individual counseling and group therapy, and sometimes family counseling. Others may be encouraged to stay for a total of 60-90 days. Three (3) months is about the maximum amount of time for this traditional model of alcoholism treatment.

  • Is A Loved One Suffering?

    If my friend or loved one asks for my help, where do I start?

    Emphasize to your friend or loved one that it takes a lot of courage to seek help for a drug problem because there is a lot of hard work ahead. There is a great deal of scientific evidence that treatment works, and people recover every day. Like other chronic diseases, addiction can be managed successfully. Treatment enables people to counteract the powerfully disruptive effects of drugs on the brain and behavior and to regain control of their lives. Like many diseases, it can take several attempts at treatment to find the right approach. But assure your friend or loved one that you will be supportive in his or her courageous effort.

    If my loved one does go into treatment, how can I offer support?

    Different patients need different levels of support. If there are difficult dynamics in a family group or set of friends, the counselor may recommend little contact for a while. It is important to tell friends struggling with addiction that you admire their courage for tackling this medical problem directly through treatment and that as long as they stick with the treatment plan, you will offer encouragement and support. When residential treatment is over, your friend will have to re-enter the community and it will be a difficult time. There will be triggers everywhere that could promote a relapse—such as driving by places where the person once took drugs, or seeing friends who provided those drugs. You can encourage your friend to avoid these triggers, and you can make an effort to ask him or her what those triggers are. However, people addicted to drugs have to fight much of this struggle on their own, without the help and advice of friends, using the knowledge and skills learned in treatment. Offer as much love and support you can as long as your friend continues to follow the treatment plan. If your he or she relapses, you should encourage additional treatment.

    How do I know if friend or loved one has a substance abuse problem?

    First, try to answer the questions below as honestly as possible. If the person is willing, you can include him or her in the discussion. (*"Drugs" is used here to refer to illicit drugs, prescription drugs, or alcohol.) Does the person take the drug in larger amounts or for longer than intended? Do they want to cut down or stop using the drug but can’t? Do they spend a lot of time getting, using, or recovering from the drug? Do they have cravings and urges to use the drug? Are they unable to manage responsibilities at work, home, or school because of drug use? Do they continue to use a drug, even when it causes problems in relationships? Do they give up important social, recreational, or work-related activities because of drug use? Do they use drugs again and again, even when it puts them in danger? Do they continue to use, even while knowing that a physical or mental problem could have been caused or made worse by the drug? Do they take more of the drug to get the wanted effect? Have they developed withdrawal symptoms, which can be relieved by taking more of the drug? (Some withdrawal symptoms can be obvious, but others can be more subtle—like irritability or nervousness.) If the answer to some or all of these questions is yes, your friend or loved one might have a substance abuse problem. In the most severe cases, it is called an addiction. It can happen to people from all backgrounds, rich or poor, and it can happen at any age.

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At Dream Center for Recovery We Transform the Dream Of Lifelong Recovery
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Our Approach

Dream Center for Recovery's highly trained addiction specialists work closely with each client to determine their strengths and weaknesses while formulating a holistic treatment plan tailored to their specific needs as the means to help each individual realize the dream of addiction free living.

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Our Facilities

Every facet of Dream Center’s clinical and residential facilities is painstakingly designed and staffed to help clients to courageously pursue the Dream of a fulfilling clean and sober life.

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Treatment Services

We support clients through the many stages of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Our continuum of care and treatment services are designed to ensure that each client receives the level of care needed to achieve the dream of lifelong recovery.

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It was not easy at first but it never is! This is by far the best rehab I have ever been too! The staff really do care. Usually it is all about your money but here it isn’t. They were there for me whenever I needed to talk or was going through hard times(which for me was almost every other day). They even helped me with things outside of my addiction like a lot of family issues and relationships and got stuff set up for when I left. Everything they did they went above and beyond. I would recommend dream center for anyone who is truly serious…or even on the fence about getting help. You learn a lot about how to live when you get out, they have financial classes to help you manage money, family sessions(only if you want them) and so much more!

Brooke H.

I will be celebrating my 6 month anniversary Thursday the 28th.  I couldn’t of done it without the help from Tara, Jeanne, and Jen. And most  important, my stay at Dream Center. I’ve been in and out of many treatment centers and IOP’s but never had the experience I had in Florida with Dream Center. Thank you and your staff!

Stephanie G

My son has unfortunately been in a lot of rehabs. Dream Center was different on a lot of levels. One day at a time but I’m feeling optimistic about my son’s recovery.

Kathy S.

Words cannot justify what Dream Center has done for me, not only did they help me build a foundation for recovery but they taught me how to be a part of my family again.

Peter W.

My favorite part of treatment at DCR was the honest nature of the group therapy and learning what the root causes of my addiction are. I learned what tools will help me succeed.

Chad K.

I really enjoyed Dream Center. Best treatment center I’ve been to so far. Staff was great. Clinical was awesome.

Kristina M.

If it wasn’t for the caring/supportive staff at DCFR I’m not sure I would of made all this progress. I rediscovered that I truly like who I am in sobriety.

Kevin D.

I had a profound experience at Dream Center. All the techs were very supportive. I’ve learned numerous coping skills that I will need in my recovery. Tara brought out feelings I have stored inside for many years. I enjoyed all aspects of therapy, not one negative thought.

Stephanie G.

DCFR’s program worked. Jeanie is the best therapist ever. She changed my life. The staff were a great support for me.

James A.

DCR’s program worked. Jeanie is the best therapist ever. She changed my life. The staff were a great support for me.

Donna S.

Dream Center made me feel like a human being again!  The Clinical Director cared so much for my wellbeing , she cares so much! Also, I felt so embarrassed to come back a second time that I tried to go somewhere else and I’m so grateful that I didn’t.  Everyone from the owners, clinical, and techs welcomed me with open arms. The techs here such as Joey and Ryan are so helpful and understanding.

Eric E.

Excellent process.  Dream Center helped me complete something I never thought possible.

James S.
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In addition to over 4,000 sq. ft. of clinical office space, clients reside in a newly renovated apartment complex featuring seven(7) fully furnished, gender specific 2-bedroom apartments that are exceptionally clean, comfortable and conducive to recovery.

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Dream Center for Recovery, a state licensed drug and alcohol rehab facility located in Palm City Florida, is firmly committed and ideally equipped to help you or your loved one to achieve the Dream of lifelong recovery from alcohol and drug abuse and addiction.

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