Adderall: Getting Hooked at a Young Age

Forty Years ago Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder was essentially unheard of. There wasn’t a diagnosis for children who could not stay focused in class and had trouble retaining information. They were believed to just be problem children who had no future and their disruptions in class were not tolerated. Many of these children suffered because of our ignorance as a populace and they were neglected an education which many times hurt them later in life.

Then in the early 1980s, the population began to have a greater awareness of this new diagnosis, then known simply as Attention Deficit Disorder. This caused many pharmaceutical companies to begin researching a solution for the problem. In 1996 Shire plc introduced Adderall to the market and it was met with widespread acceptance.

The late 90s saw an explosion in ADHD diagnoses and Adderall was prescribed liberally. Though at the time not much was known of the long terms effects that the medication could have or how easily the medication could be abused, it was prescribed to millions of children every year as a way to help them focus in class and keep them from driving their teachers nuts.

Today there are other options for the medical intervention of ADHD but that does not change the fact that many children from this era and many children today have suffered or are going to suffer from Adderall addiction.

What is Adderall?

Adderall is a combination of drugs that contains two different amphetamines. Amphetamines for those of you who do not know are stimulants. Adderall, when taken in the prescribed dosage, allows those suffering from ADHD to concentrate better on their work without becoming distracted as easily. When taken not as prescribed the drug produces a euphoric high similar to speed or methamphetamine and can result in addictions or overdoses.

Adderall Addiction

In 2012 16 million prescriptions were written for Adderall in the United States. That same year an estimated 116,000 people entered into treatment facilities because of their Adderall addiction. Many of which were long-term users of the drug, having started taking it as prescribed in their youth. As with any addict, people who are addicted to Adderall come from many walks of life, but the three demographics most likely to become addicted to the drug are students, athletes, and those wishing to lose weight. The focus that Adderall gives, allows students and athletes to maintain focus without much sleep and the side effect of a loss of appetite is why people wishing to lose weight can often become addicted.

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Skepticism Over ADHD Diagnoses

Ever since the explosion of ADHD diagnoses in the mid-90s, there has been skepticism over whether these diagnoses were real. Without getting too much into the backstory, essentially the argument maintains that ADHD, while a real diagnosis, is in many cases nothing more than an American made fad, created by a population unable to manage their children and unwilling to educate them in a manner that is befitting to the culture we currently live in.

These detractors maintain that ADHD is a way to control children rather than deal with the underlying issues of why they are bored in school and is more cost effective and easier than dealing with societal issues that have lead to hyperactivity among today’s youth.

The evidence that this may be true is fairly overwhelming and today 6.4 million children in the United States have been diagnosed with ADHD, which is a 42% increase over the past 8 years.

Since the average diagnosis age for ADHD is 7 years old, this means that the majority of children throughout their formative years will be medicated with a powerful narcotic that can affect them in profound ways in the future.

This is not to say that you can make an addict out of someone who does not suffer from the disease of addiction, but what it does mean is that every year thousands of children are introduced to a drug that they can potentially become addicted to, and they are possibly being introduced unnecessarily.

Getting Hooked At An Early Age

What does it mean for the children who are predisposed to becoming addicts when they are introduced to the drug at an early age? Many times this means that they will become addicted to the drug and experience issues with it or similar stimulants later in life. It could lead them down a dangerous path that is difficult to get out of and becoming dependent on medication for focus, they may find it difficult to stop.

Luckily, there are alternatives to the drug that are less harmful and said to be equally as effective, so hopefully moving forward, these will be utilized over Adderall. Nonetheless, as helpful as Adderall has been for many, there are many more who have gotten hooked at an early age and because of it, they have suffered.

Overcoming Adderall Addiction

If you are currently taking Adderall and you find that when you want to stop taking it you can’t or that you take more than you initially planned to, then you may have a problem with addiction. Coming to terms with being an addict is not ever an easy thing to do, as the disease itself attempts to create a smokescreen from detection. In doing this, it lies to us telling us that everything is fine when in actuality our lives have become a constant cycle of use and distress.

The professionals at Dream Center for Recovery are educated in what an addiction to such substances can do to a person and they know how to help, so give us a call today at 1-877-978-3148 and we can explore your treatment options. Even if you have been taking Adderall since you were a child, we can help if you want to stop. We have helped many who were in the same position that you are in now, so give us a call today and learn how to live a life without the crushing addiction that Adderall can bring.