Addiction Non Profits and Charities

When most people think of addiction non-profits or charities they probably think of Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotic Anonymous. While both of these organizations are non-profit corporations, they do not operate like a traditional non-profit would. Neither of these organizations accepts outside donations and they are fully self-supporting, so donating to either of them is not possible.

There are however a number of different addiction non-profits that you can donate to, and that will use your generous donations for a variety of different programs related to drug and alcohol abuse. Some focus on education, while others focus on treatment. Some are related to adult addiction and others are related to teenage drug abuse. Whatever particular issue within drug addiction speaks to you, there are addiction non-profits out there that are attempting to find a solution.

So if you are looking for a good charitable organization to give to and drug addiction speaks to you personally, then below is a list of 10 addiction non-profits that you could donate to today.

Ten Charities and Non-Profits Related to Addiction

  • Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

Originally known as Partnership for a Drug-Free America, this non-profit changed its name and purpose in order to focus solely on addiction among youth populations. They offer support for families who have been affected by drug addiction and a majority of their work centers around advocating for greater treatment access and support groups for teenagers.

  • Angels At Risk

This non-profit was started by actor Ted Danson and its focus is on teenage drug addiction and their effected families. The charity works in tandem with high schools in order to raise awareness about the dangers of drug abuse and they also allocate some of their funding towards scholarships so that teens can get treatment or private counseling.

  • Natural High

Natural High is a charity which empowers teenagers to find their own natural high, via outdoor activities, in order to keep them from abusing drugs to achieve a synthetic high. It was started after the ‘Just Say No’ campaign of the 80s was proved to be a complete failure and so the founders of Natural High wanted to try something different in the way of drug abstinence advocacy.

  • To Write Love On Her Arms

Initially founded as a way to fund treatment for 19 year old Renee Wohe, this non-profit has grown to raise millions of dollars for organizations around the world. They do not just simply focus on drug addiction but focus on a wide array of mental health issues and a number of celebrities endorse their work.


  • Amy Winehouse Foundation

Founded by Amy Winehouse’s father Mitch after his daughter’s untimely death, this charity focuses on music therapy and drug education programs as a means to help kids avoid the pitfalls of drug abuse. They also help teens find treatment centers and work in collaboration with a number of different school systems.

  • The Herren Project

Started by NBA basketball player and former Oxycontin addict Chris Herren, The Herren Project helps to fund people’s drug treatment and create sober cultures within schools. The latter program is called Project Purple and it is used as a means to combat the rampant drug culture that is prevalent in many American Schools today.

  • Phoenix House

Phoenix House is one of the largest and most well known non-profit drug treatment centers. They have over 130 programs in nine states and service 18,000 clients a year. Their programs offer support for different demographics, such as military personnel, or addicted parents and they have also partnered with a number of different school systems.

  • Mario Do Right Foundation

Founded in 2007 by R&B singer Mario Barrett, this charity focuses on education and development for children who have a parent, or parents, that are addicted to drugs. Mario’s mother struggled with drug addiction when he was a child and this is the basis for why the foundation was started.

  • Foundation For Alcoholism Research

This foundation was created in order to fund research on topics related to alcoholism—the research being performed focuses on such areas as causes for addiction, how to improve identification and prevention methods, and detection treatment for addiction and alcoholism. They have provided funding for a number of University research programs and have expanded since their inception in 2008.

  • Shatterproof

Shatterproof was started by Gary Mendell after he lost his son to drug addiction, and the charity has raised over $9 million since 2011. They focus on advocacy programs and legislation, attempting to reduce the gap between funding needed for public drug addiction programs and funding actually received by these programs. Their goal is to reduce the amount of drug-related deaths in this country by 50% over the next 20 years and they have partnered with MLB teams and hotel chains in order to do this.

While I have only listed 10 non-profits or charities to which you can donate money to, there are hundreds more out there attempting to help addicted people throughout the world. If none of the organizations listed above caught your attention, but you would still like to donate to a drug-related non-profit or charity, then search the Internet and I am sure you will be able to find one that suits your needs.

Seeking Help and Getting Treatment for Drug Addiction

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