The Admissions Process For a Rehab Center in Florida

The decision to seek treatment for addiction is often accompanied by many questions. Right now, you may be wondering if you qualify for admission to a rehab center in Florida. You may also be concerned about whether or not your insurance will cover your treatment or if you will be able to stay at a residential program. While it is always normal to be nervous about doing something that you have never done before, you can rest assured that drug and alcohol treatment centers understand what its like to reach out for help.

The admissions process at rehab is designed to be as simple as possible. From your very first phone call, compassionate counselors will walk you through each step to make sure that you find out the answers to all of your questions. By the time that you complete the admissions process, you will feel even more confident that you have made the right decision to begin building a better future.

What to Expect When Being Admitted to Rehab

Admission to rehab is a simple process that involves speaking with different members of the staff to help them find out more about you. The rehab center will need to know some of your basic information to help make sure that their program is right for you and to figure out which types of treatment will be the most effective for ending your addiction. For instance, the counselor may ask your gender if you plan to stay in a residential program since the houses are designed to be gender-specific. They may also ask you about the types of drugs that you currently use and whether or not you have ever been to a treatment center in the past.

During the intake process, you may be asked questions about your health. Depending upon your type of addiction and preferred program, you may be given diagnostic tests to identify your current state of health and if additional care is needed. Any questions presented to you are designed to ensure that you get the most out of the program since addiction treatment requires a personalized approach. For example, you may need to attend detox before heading to your residential home if you are actively using drugs or alcohol. Alternatively, your counselor may determine that you can benefit from an outpatient program if you are simply dealing with a potential relapse.

How to Start the Admissions Process For Rehab in Florida

The admissions process is also designed to be easy to start. To get started, most people make a phone call to the rehab since it is common to live in a different state. However, you may be able to visit the rehab office to speak with a member of the staff if you already live in Florida. When you first contact the rehab, a counselor will begin by asking you about your reasons for calling. Be honest with the counselor about your struggles with addiction so that they can begin working to find out the best ways to meet your needs in the program.

It also helps to have some information available when you first make your phone call. Be sure to have these things ready to provide so that the admissions process goes smoother.

• Your personal information such as name and birthday
• The name of your insurance company and policy number
• Your health history such as the dates of any recent hospitalizations
• A list of your questions to get answered

Keep in mind that having information on hand just helps the process to go faster. In some cases, you may not have insurance, and the counselor can use this information to help you understand your financial options for getting help. Alternatively, you may not remember everything about your past health history. That is okay. Your counselor may be able to provide suggestions on how to find out critical information, or they may be able to help you proceed with the admissions process anyway.

Once the initial information gathering is complete, your counselor will explain to you what types of treatment will fit your situation the best. Remember that you are always in control of your care so be willing to speak up with any questions that you have along the way. For instance, you may be worried about whether your family can visit you in the residential treatment program. Hearing that you will be able to see the people that you care about helps you relax as you prepare to enter the treatment program.

Find Out the Next Steps Toward Ending Your Addiction

Towards the end of the admissions process, you will be given a tour of the facility. You may see where you will eat and sleep along and you may be given the chance to visit recreational areas where you will begin cultivating new interests that help you stay happy without drugs or alcohol. This part of the admissions process is when most people begin to feel excited about finally getting the chance to take the next steps toward ending an addiction. Keep in mind that you can also take a tour of the treatment center by checking out the website where pictures of common areas may be viewable so that you get a preview of what life will be like before you enter the program.

The final part of the admissions process involves giving you a personalized plan that details what types of treatment are recommended for you along with any other expectations that you need to know during your stay. Once it is finished, you will then be able to go directly into your treatment program, whether you require detox or outpatient counseling. As you proceed through your treatment program, you will gradually grow stronger as you deal with your addiction until you realize one day that you have finally reached the point where you know that going to rehab was the best decision that you ever made.

The journey to recovery begins with admission to one of our treatment programs. Give us a call at 877-978-3148 to complete the first step in getting help for your drug or alcohol addiction today.