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Step of the Month: The 5th Step


The fifth step of Alcoholics Anonymous states: “We admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.” After completing the rigorous inventory of the 4th step, we are now ready to admit these parts of ourselves to another person and God. When selecting a person the Big Book makes clear that it should be someone you trust, which in many cases is a sponsor. Described by many as the “freedom” steps, 4 & 5 is where we let go of the past and recognize our part in things.

The 5th Step Prayer: 
Higher Power,
My inventory has shown me who I am,
Yet I ask for Your help
In admitting my wrongs to another person & to You.
Assure me, & be with me, in this Step,
For without this Step I cannot progress in my recovery.
With Your help, I can do this, & I do it.

The 5th Step Promises:
Once we have taken this step, withholding nothing,: 
-We are delighted. 
-We can look the world in the eye. 
-We can be alone at perfect peace and ease. 
-Our fears fall from us. 
-We begin to feel the nearness of our Creator. 
-We may have had certain spiritual beliefs, but now we begin to have a spiritual experience. 
-The feeling that the drink problem has disappeared will often come strongly. 
-We feel we are on the Broad Highway, walking hand in hand with the Spirit of the Universe.


 Some of our clients have shared their experience with the 5th with us:
I remember the feeling if freedom that came over me when I put pen to paper and dove into the fourth step with complete honesty. Like the big book stated and my sponsor emphasized, I knew I had to rid myself of all the things that were blocking me from a relationship with a higher power. But I didn’t understand that revealing my resentments, acknowledging my fears, evaluating my sex conduct, and admitting the harm I had done to others was only the beginning of the fifth step. I would now be embarking on a journey of self awareness, finally recognizing the part I played in each aspect of the fourth; why I was resentful, where my fears were coming from, why I felt guilt, shame and remorse surrounding my sex conduct and harm done to others. Like the fifth step states, we were admitting the “exact nature of our wrongs”. Working a fifth step with a sponsor opened my eyes to the character defects I was acting on, brought me face to face with my lack of faith, showed me how I was struggling with accepting my past and brought to light the need to practice love and tolerance daily. “We admitted our wrongs honestly and were willing to set these matters straight”, the fifth step brought me to the truth about myself and set into motion the work I needed to do in order to become the person I wanted to be.
                                                               – Kelly G
Ryan T. shares his experience:
In my experience with the 5th step it was one of the most freeing experiences I had to go through. At first glance when I was new there was no way in this world I was going to share my wrong doings or embarrassing moments with another person, especially a man. I had put off doing this vital step and hoped my sponsor would forget I had to do it, but I sat with all this resentment for such a long time it was causing me more and more problems.
The Big Book tells me if I don’t do this step I will drink again.I didn’t want to continue the life I had lived so I chose to do my fifth step with my Pastor and sponsor. It is important that you know the persons who will be hearing your 5th and that they be familiar with the 12 step programs like A.A. Most people will have their sponsor hear it, but in my opinion it is better to have multiple people hear it so I can get a different perspective.
The Big Book offers us promises over and over again. We hear all of the 9th step promises during meetings, but to me the 5th step promises on page 75 are even more exciting. It tells me once I’ve taken this step withholding nothing, I am delighted. I can look the world in the eye. I can be alone at perfect peace and ease and I begin to have a spiritual experience.
                                                                 – Ryan T
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