PTSD and Addiction Go Hand in Hand

What Is PTSD? Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD is a disorder that affects over 3 million people every year in the United States. PTSD occurs when you cannot properly recover after seeing or experiencing something traumatic, such as Death Fire Natural disasters All of these events can cause you to

Is There Such a Thing As a Holistic Drug Detox?

For an addict, life tends to revolve around your addiction. At first, you may simply spend your time looking forward to your next hit or drink, and you may even be able to hide your problem with drugs and alcohol from your family and friends. However, addiction eventually catches up

Area There Any Support Groups for Families of Addicts While They Are In Rehab?

Addiction affects every aspect of a person’s life. While people may be able to hide their drug or alcohol use in the very beginning, the truth eventually comes out. Sadly, the family members of an addict are often affected the most, and you may still be trying to come to

Why Do Non Profit Drug Rehab Facilities Charge So Much Money?

You are waging a war every day and it’s happening inside your body. It’s an illness, but many people don’t understand it. They don’t have any sympathy for you like they would if you were suffering from cancer or diabetes. They think it is something that you should be able
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Florida Rehab Centers Understand Chronic Pain

You live with chronic pain every day. You wake up with it in the morning. It’s waiting for you when you go to bed. It robs you of a good night’s sleep, either keeping you awake or shaking you from your rest. You have tried everything to get a handle
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Detox for Opiates For Chronic Pain Only

Chronic pain is a debilitating issue to deal with. In order to deal with chronic pain and try to get rid of it, you have been prescribed an opiate based medication. Unfortunately, opiate-based medications are highly addictive, even for those who are taking them for legitimate reasons. Unfortunately, many people
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The Admissions Process For a Rehab Center in Florida

The decision to seek treatment for addiction is often accompanied by many questions. Right now, you may be wondering if you qualify for admission to a rehab center in Florida. You may also be concerned about whether or not your insurance will cover your treatment or if you will be

Addiction Relapse Prevention after Going to Treatment

Drugs and alcohol addiction is a chronic disease that affects millions of people. If you realize that you have an addiction, and would like to return to a sober life, it is advisable to check yourself or a loved one that is struggling with addiction into a rehab center. However,

Should We Go To a Drug Rehab for Couples Or Separate Facilities?

When you and your partner are both struggling with an addiction, you may wonder what the correct course of treatment is. Speaking with a representative from the rehab facility is useful because then you can discuss your specific circumstances. As you’re in the planning stages, take some considerations into mind