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How Is Suboxone Being Used In Rehab Centers To Treatment Opioid Addiction?

The statistics give a clear picture when it comes to opioid addiction in this country. It is estimated that there are two million people that have experienced substance abuse difficulties linked to opiate painkillers. Are you one of those statistics? Shockingly, there were over 590,000 people with a heroin addiction

The Benefits of Going To A Partial Hospitalization Program in Florida

Drug treatment programs in Florida include several options that all allow you to customize your approach to addiction recovery. After the initial choice to enter rehab, your next big decision involves figuring out which type of program best fits your needs. You can use this guide to help you understand

How Is Suboxone Better Than Methadone?

Opioid addictions can be devastating. Many people struggle to kick their opioid habit but cannot do so due to devastating withdrawal effects. As a result, medications are often used to assist in the detox and recovery process. Although methadone was once the main medication used for opioid dependence, Suboxone is
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Can I Take My Prescription Medications To Rehab, What About My Cell Phone?

Entering a drug rehabilitation center is difficult when there are so many unknowns. The important thing is to get help for your opiate, narcotic or alcohol addiction. Frequently, there are many questions regarding what is and is not allowed in these facilities. Since the rules vary from one treatment center

Do I Have To Go To AA Meetings While I Am In Treatment?

If you or someone you care about is struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction, you may not know where to start when it comes to recovery. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and similar community based programs can be a useful tool during and after rehabilitation. These options serve

My Girlfriend and I Both Need Detox Right Now. Will They Let Us Both Go To The Same Rehab Center?

If you and your girlfriend are stuck in the harmful cycle of addiction, medical detox conducted in a treatment center can be the solution you need to break free and begin your recovery journey. Experiencing treatment with a significant other can be an empowering and memorable turning point in your

Can I Have My Phone, My Car, My Laptop, Etc While I’m In Rehab?

Addiction is a disease. When drugs or alcohol take over a person’s life to the point that they no longer have control, there are chemical changes that take place in the brain. The cravings for the source of addiction become too powerful to deny. If a victim of substance abuse
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Will a Rehab Center in Florida Address My Pain Issues As Well As My Addiction?

People who have been prescribed opiate painkillers for chronic pain are likely to become addicted to them due to their prolonged use. Unlike people who became addicted to painkillers after being prescribed them for a short-term issue, chronic pain suffers will still need pain relief following their recovery from their

What Happens If I’m In a Drug Treatment Center And I Need Something (like contact lenses, feminine hygiene, haircut, etc)?

Addiction is overwhelming. In the beginning, it was something that could be controlled. Maybe it was for recreational use, something to do with a group of friends to have fun. That all changed when substance abuse became a hard habit to break. Anyone who thinks quitting is easy doesn’t know