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Doctors and Drug Addiction: A Higher Percent Than You May Expect Are Addicts Too

“Substance-use disorders have plagued doctors for decades. The father of surgery, Dr. William Stewart Halstead, was reportedly addicted to both cocaine and morphine. Through my own medical training, I’ve heard the rumors: He had to take a leave of absence for his drug addiction, she lost her medical license because
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The Correlation Between Addiction and Suicide

It’s the sad truth that 24 million Americans are afflicted with the disease of addiction right now, at this very moment. It’s a much more unfortunate reality that this means millions more are affected by having a loved one deep in the throes of addiction. Parents, siblings, spouses, and friends
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The Dangers of Mixing Alcohol and Energy Drinks

Ever since the introduction of energy drinks onto the world market, people have found new ways to mix these drinks with alcohol. There were red bull and vodka, the Irish Trashcan, and the ever-popular Four Loko, just to name a few. Eager consumers stood by with cash in hand, ready
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OTC Meds That Are Easily Abused

With all of the talk about the epidemic of prescription drug abuse in this country, it can sometimes be forgot that over the counter medications or otc meds also have the potential for abuse. These medications often times do not produce the extreme euphoric highs that prescription or illegal narcotics
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Finding Help With These Support Groups for Families

People believe the alcoholic/addict is the only person who suffers from the disease of substance abuse, but in reality, an alcoholic/addict’s family and close friends can suffer just as much or sometimes even more. An addict has numerous options to get help and have support such as treatment centers, AA/NA
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Why Controlled Drinking Never Works

I’ll just have one. I know that in the past I drank a little too much, but if I can just have one it’ll take the edge of my life and I’ll be alright. I mean I deserve it, right? I worked hard this week and it’s been like 2
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10 AA Sayings That Actually Help

AA is known for its idioms. In just about every meeting room and clubhouse throughout the world, you can find AA sayings plastered on the walls, framed and on display for all to see. Some of these sayings seem obnoxious at first, to the point where many people comment that
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What it Means to Have a Psychic Change

In order to expel the obsession to drink and use drugs, a person who suffers from addiction must acquire a psychic change that alters their relationship to the drink or drug. This psychic change does not constitute a cure for addiction or alcoholism, but what it does establish is a
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How Quickly Do You Become Addicted to Drugs?

The question posed in the title of this post is an interesting one because there isn’t really a straightforward answer. If we were only discussing how long does it take to become physically dependent on drugs, then yes, there would be a medically proven answer: opiates usually take two weeks

Why A Grateful Alcoholic Never Drinks

If you have ever been to a 12 Step meeting before then you have heard the saying, “A grateful alcoholic will never drink again.” On the surface, this may just sound like one of the idioms that are thrown around recovery rooms all of the time, but behind those 7