Can I Have My Phone, My Car, My Laptop, Etc While I’m In Rehab?

Addiction is a disease. When drugs or alcohol take over a person’s life to the point that they no longer have control, there are chemical changes that take place in the brain. The cravings for the source of addiction become too powerful to deny. If a victim of substance abuse is cut off from the source of addiction, dangerous symptoms of withdrawal are the result. It’s a lonely journey down a one-way road in the wrong direction. The best way to turn the situation around is to regain control with professional help in a rehab facility. It takes a great deal of courage if you have accepted that drug abuse is a problem and it’s time to get help. Now it’s time to prepare yourself for what to expect.

Be Ready for Restrictions

An addiction recovery facility is not a resort. Don’t expect rehab to be like a vacation. A safe environment will be available for every resident to ensure that victims of drug abuse are comfortable while undergoing treatment. However, cell phones, laptops, and cars have no place at a treatment center. The main focus is on overcoming addiction to drugs or alcohol in order to achieve wellness. In order to break a crushing dependency on the source of addiction, there can’t be any distractions. Cell phones and computers provide a link to the outside world and negative influences. They make it possible to lose sight of what matters most. If a rehabilitation facility does allow any access to computers, expect it to be restricted and closely monitored. As for a car, it won’t be necessary. Residents in an addiction rehabilitation facility are expected to stay at the facility without interruptions from outside influences until treatment has been completed. These restrictions may be difficult to accept, but it is important to keep the end goal in sight. Successful treatment will mean freedom from addiction.

You Need to Distance Yourself from the Source of Your Addiction

Entering a rehab facility means shutting the door on access to drugs or alcohol. It means turning away from anyone who might encourage substance abuse. Obligations to others will have to wait. Work, responsibilities, and relationships will have to be placed on hold. Recovery from addiction needs to be the top priority. A victim of addiction can’t take care of anyone else until substance abuse is no longer a dark cloud hanging over his or her life.

The Journey to Sobriety Begins with Acceptance

It isn’t possible to overcome addiction until you embrace acceptance. Begin with accepting that there is a problem that is too big for one person to handle all alone. Take the next step and ask for help from medical experts who understand the addiction. Be prepared to make a commitment to overcome the disease that has consumed your life. Entrance into an addiction recovery center allows each resident to concentrate on wellness. Accept rules that have been established to make the recovery process more effective. When the outside world isn’t allowed to cause any distractions, it will be possible to keep the goal of addiction-free living possible.

Become Part of a Team In Your Recovery

Entering a recovery facility means taking a team approach to achieve lasting sobriety. Residents join a community of others who are facing similar battles. Staff members are a part of a cohesive unit that bonds together to help every resident to feel like they matter. Support will be given round the clock, offering a shoulder to lean on or a hand to hold when needed. Counselors will meet in individual sessions to provide the personalized attention needed to understand why addiction has become a problem in order to move forward. Group sessions will be a part of the program as well, teaching each resident an important lesson. No man is an island.

Be Prepared to Do the Work of Recovery

An addiction recovery center will offer everyone a strong support system, but victims of substance abuse need to understand that they must do the work. Recovery requires determination and a commitment to stay the course. It means accepting any restrictions, therapy sessions, and mandatory attendance at meetings to overcome addiction. Stepping away from loved ones, friends, and co-workers is a necessary process. Being completely cut off from drug or alcohol use is a must. Detoxification and withdrawal are the first phase of treatment. They are often considered the most difficult stage of the recovery process, but eliminate all traces of toxins in order to open the door to sobriety. It won’t be easy, but the journey will be worth it when a brighter future is made possible through recovery.

Every Day in Treatment is a Step Closer to Freedom

The addiction process might feel overly restrictive at times, but it is leading the way to freedom. It may take thirty days, sixty days, or ninety days. A sober living house could be the next step once a recovery program has been successfully completed. Support group meetings should continue to help victims of substance abuse to maintain sobriety. Outpatient services are possible as well. Take the journey one step at a time and be open to options that will help you to live a life that doesn’t have any room for addiction.

Get Ready to Put Addiction Behind You Starting Today

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