Can I Take My Prescription Medications To Rehab, What About My Cell Phone?

Entering a drug rehabilitation center is difficult when there are so many unknowns. The important thing is to get help for your opiate, narcotic or alcohol addiction. Frequently, there are many questions regarding what is and is not allowed in these facilities. Since the rules vary from one treatment center to another, it is hard to say definitively. However, most facilities have the same general rules and items allowed. If you or your loved one is going into treatment, then you may want to call and ask for the guidelines before entering the program. You want to be clear on what is expected, so you do not have any problems. Anything brought with you that is not allowed will be confiscated.

Rehab Center Allowable Items

You can bring items in four categories, personal identification, clothing, prescriptions, and personal care. It is better to leave some things, like wallets and purses behind for safekeeping.


Clothing should be comfortable and should not have any provocative or vulgar pictures on it. A plain t-shirt would work better than one with a can of beer on it. You usually do not have a great deal of storage space, so it is better only to bring a few outfits rather than a whole wardrobe. Since there are usually laundry facilities on-site, three or four days of clothing and pajamas are acceptable. Pack light and remember to bring sweatpants and other comfy items.

Personal Care Items

There are many restrictions on personal care items because many of these items can be used by those fighting substance abuse problems. Both mouthwash and toothpaste have a high alcohol content and can be used to become intoxicated. Things that are accepted include:

•Shampoo and Conditioner
•Feminine Care Products
•Toothbrush and Hairbrushes/Combs
•Razors may or may not be permitted

Identifying Information

You should come prepared with your driver’s license or state identification as well as your insurance card. Also, write down on a piece of paper your contact information. Include anyone that should be called in case of an emergency. You can also include attorneys and doctors on this list.

Prescription Medications

Prescription medications are a gray area when it comes to entering a treatment center for addiction. If you must take maintenance drugs like blood pressure or diabetes prescriptions, you will be allowed to take those pills during treatment. While you can have your medications, you will not be allowed to keep them in your possession. A nurse or other charge person will disperse them to you as needed. If you take certain medications for pain, they may not be allowed in the facility. Make sure to know the protocol for your medicines before you check in for treatment.

Banned Items at a Drug Rehab Center

While we have covered the items that you can bring to a treatment center, it is just as important to cover the items that you cannot bring along. The rules are strictly enforced because others have found loopholes or caused problems. Though it is not a mental health facility, going through the detox process is tough. Some may want to end their life while coming off a drug. For this reason, the rules must be particular about what cannot be allowed in the center.

Anything that can be used as a means of suicide is discouraged. This would include items like belts, shoe strings, and sharp objects. Many of the people who fight addiction find that there is an underlying mental illness at play. So precautions must be taken to protect everyone. These items are also not permissible:

Cellular Phones and Tablets

The facility probably has some sort of wireless internet connection, but they are usually for administration and staff use only. There are always plenty of public phones for you to use during your stay. Contacting family and friends, some of which may not be the best influence, seems to hinder treatment rather than help it. Having a cell phone is a big problem during treatment. Across the board, cell phones are banned.

Video Games

Your center will have plenty of activities to keep you busy. Video games are not bad, but they are very costly. Costly items can be easily stolen or broken, and the center does not want to take responsibility for such items. Having a “time-out” from life is to help you with your spiritual and emotional growth as well as the addiction at hand. Playing video games is not an effective use of your time. Working on personal issues can be quite troublesome and requires your full attention.

CD Players and iPods

Again, there is nothing wrong with CD players and other musical devices. However, these items are not inexpensive, and they could be stolen. Music is an excellent source of therapy, but the center will provide you with the tools you need should you want to partake in this type of healing. Some centers have pianos for live music too.

Outside Food and Drinks

When you are detoxing from chemical substances, your body needs strength. You will probably be on a diet that encourages healthy eating and filling your body with essential nutrients. Each center has differing rules regarding food, but family and friends can slip in alcohol or drugs in with the food. If a center does allow outside foods, it must be checked by workers.

Getting Help and Not Sweating the Small Stuff

It is important not to get hung up on all the unimportant things about rehab. Some may find that going for a week or more without a cell phone is a task they cannot handle. Think of rehab as a place to heal and get better. You may have had problems with the law, your job or family over your addiction. While you may need to give up a few things to heal, think of all you will gain. If you are ready to take that first step and get the help you need, give us a call at 877-978-3148