How Can I Help My Child With Alcoholism When I Am Also an Alcoholic?

Helping your child overcome their alcoholism can quickly become extraordinarily difficult and overwhelming, especially if you struggle with alcohol abuse yourself. Unfortunately, children of parents who are alcoholics are much more likely to develop unhealthy and life-threatening habits when using alcohol regularly. Knowing how to help your child with alcoholism

Will You Meet Other Patients in an Alcoholic’s Detox Center?

Going to a detoxification center can be frightening. There are so many questions that you might have about what to expect when you get there and how you will be spending your time. You might worry that you will be isolated away from others during your stay. You might also
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What Types of Alcoholism Are Hardest to Spot?

Every drinker is different. Although most of us can recognize someone who is under the influence of alcohol, we cannot always be sure which stage of inebriation the person has reached. Experts generally agree there are four stages of alcohol effects. As an individual continues drinking alcohol over a period

How to Get Your Son or Daughter Help For Addiction

When your son or daughter is in the grips of an addiction their entire personality can change. A sweet, loving child can turn into mean and moody person almost overnight. You just want to get them the help they need so they can get healthy and you can have your
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Lessons to Learn in an Alcohol Rehab

When you finally agree to enter an alcohol rehab, there are probably a lot of things on your mind. Of course you are going to wonder and worry about how things are going to be when you complete your stay. You may worry about rescuing the relationships you have damaged

What Kind of 12 Step Alternatives Are There for Drug Treatment Programs?

For decades, twelve step programs have made up the bulk of substance abuse support groups and treatment plans. The programs are meant to promote social healing, communication, and the ability to make amends with people who have been hurt. But they aren’t right for everybody. Sometimes, people have a difficult

What You Need To Know About Florida Drug Rehab Centers

While admitting that you have an addiction problem may be the most difficult part of the recovery process, that’s not to say that the rest will be easy. In fact, the next thing you have to do, which is to ask for help from qualified professionals, can be almost as

How to Manage the Costs of Going to Rehab Even When You Have Insurance

Whether you’ve long felt that going to rehab was important or you’ve recently become aware of how this step can profoundly change your life, you may have some reservations about the cost. Perhaps you’ve even conducted some initial research and know that the cost out-of-pocket is high. It’s possible that

Going To An Out Of State Rehab And Returning To Work

There are many unknowns about what causes addiction. Some people will engage in drug or alcohol abuse even though they appear on the surface to have all the advantages in the world. An addict may have good health, a loving family, a good job, a home, private health insurance, and

How Does Insurance Work For Substance Abuse Programs In Florida?

Drug and alcohol addiction are health problems, and that means treatment is covered under most government-provided and private health insurance policies. The process of filing insurance or getting your company to reimburse your costs can be confusing. If you’re entering treatment in Florida, your admissions counselor can help you complete