If I Have United Health Care Can I Go To Drug Rehab

If you or someone you know is at risk for drug or alcohol addiction, then you know how important rehab can be. However, rehab centers can be expensive. It’s possible to mitigate some or all of this cost if you have insurance. Different insurance companies like United Healthcare and Blue

Why Can’t You Just Simply Quit Drugs?

You started taking drugs as an escape. It was just for fun. You just wanted to take a break from your life for a little while. You were dealing with a lot of stress and you were hoping that you could relax. You figured you would be able to stop

PTSD and Addiction Go Hand in Hand

What Is PTSD? Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD is a disorder that affects over 3 million people every year in the United States. PTSD occurs when you cannot properly recover after seeing or experiencing something traumatic, such as Death Fire Natural disasters All of these events can cause you to
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Florida Rehab Centers Understand Chronic Pain

You live with chronic pain every day. You wake up with it in the morning. It’s waiting for you when you go to bed. It robs you of a good night’s sleep, either keeping you awake or shaking you from your rest. You have tried everything to get a handle
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Detox for Opiates For Chronic Pain Only

Chronic pain is a debilitating issue to deal with. In order to deal with chronic pain and try to get rid of it, you have been prescribed an opiate based medication. Unfortunately, opiate-based medications are highly addictive, even for those who are taking them for legitimate reasons. Unfortunately, many people
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Why Quitting Heroin Is Harder Now Than Ever

You wish you could go back in time to the first day you used heroin. You would have said no. You would have told everybody else to stop. You would have run away as fast as your feet could carry you, locked the door, and blocked it all out. You

Does Health Insurance Pay For Drug Rehab for Couples

Are you addicted to drugs and/or alcohol? Perhaps you’re in a marriage or a long-term relationship with someone who has an addiction to alcohol or drugs just as you do. Deciding to get treatment together can be the most important thing you ever do for your relationship. But, before choosing