Going To An Out Of State Rehab And Returning To Work

There are many unknowns about what causes addiction. Some people will engage in drug or alcohol abuse even though they appear on the surface to have all the advantages in the world. An addict may have good health, a loving family, a good job, a home, private health insurance, and

How Does Insurance Work For Substance Abuse Programs In Florida?

Drug and alcohol addiction are health problems, and that means treatment is covered under most government-provided and private health insurance policies. The process of filing insurance or getting your company to reimburse your costs can be confusing. If you’re entering treatment in Florida, your admissions counselor can help you complete

Relapse Prevention Techniques After Going To Rehab

After attending a rehab program, your major goal is to likely stay free from the substance to which you were addicted. While that goal might sound easy to others, it can certainly prove difficult. Instead of allowing temptation to arise and to interfere with your process, recognize that you have

How To Stop Enabling An Addict

Having a loved one who is an addict can put you into a very difficult situation. When you care for a person, your first instinct is to provide whatever they want and keep them feeling happy and comfortable. Unfortunately, this can end up being very problematic when the person you

I Just Want To Quit Drugs But I Don’t Want To Go To Treatment

At first, most people start using drugs out of curiosity or in an attempt to ease mental or physical pain. However, there eventually comes a time when you realize that your drug habits have turned into a full-blown addiction. In recent weeks, you may have tried to quit and found

Why a Holistic Drug Rehab in Florida is Better than Treatment Centers that Only Use Traditional Methods

A holistic drug rehab in Florida is better than a treatment center that only uses traditional methods because it addresses all of the components of addiction. Addiction is a complex physiological, psychological, social. and spiritual disease. In order for it to be effectively treated, all four components need to be

Why A Drug Rehab For Couples May Not Be The Best Decision

Once both you and your partner have decided to enter rehab for substance abuse, it may seem natural to you to undertake your treatment together. After all, you share love, you share your lives, and you shared addiction. Why shouldn’t you share the experience of getting clean and sober? Going
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Will a Rehab Center in Florida Address My Pain Issues As Well As My Addiction?

People who have been prescribed opiate painkillers for chronic pain are likely to become addicted to them due to their prolonged use. Unlike people who became addicted to painkillers after being prescribed them for a short-term issue, chronic pain suffers will still need pain relief following their recovery from their

Quitting Heroin For The First Time By Going to Rehab in FL

For decades now, heroin addiction has been prevalent throughout the United States. At times, heroin abuse has hit epidemic levels. In fact, the country is currently facing another crisis related to heroin as well as prescription painkillers. With opioids again in vogue, we feel it is prudent to make sure
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Can a Person Get Sober Without Going To Treatment?

Whether or not a person can get sober without treatment is a complicated issue that depends on many factors. As with many things in life, there are exceptions to every rule and it becomes easy to avoid reality by focusing on the rare exception rather than the general rule. Some