What Does Step 1 of AA Mean For Your Life?

Recovery from addiction begins when the addict is willing to admit they have a problem. During the recovery process, there will be lots of firsts. This one is vital because it’s usually the catalyst that gets someone into rehab. Without this admission, the addict has an excuse for continuing to

Scenarios When a Drug Rehab for Couples Might Be Good and Bad

Substance abuse disorders affect a great deal of the United States population. In some areas, addiction is even considered an epidemic. Addiction is a chronic illness with a high rate of relapse, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t hope. Rehabilitation centers use a comprehensive mix of medical treatment and mental

What Type Of Food Is Served In Drug Rehabs In Florida?

You’ve hit a roadblock with your addiction. You can’t keep going in the same direction. Danger and damage lies ahead. Once you pass the point of no return and there’s no going back. A drug rehab in Florida is your best opportunity to take control of your life once again.

How To Stop Enabling An Addict

Having a loved one who is an addict can put you into a very difficult situation. When you care for a person, your first instinct is to provide whatever they want and keep them feeling happy and comfortable. Unfortunately, this can end up being very problematic when the person you

Is Your Teen Getting High Off of Household Items?

Many parents worry about their children getting caught up in drugs, but when you think about drugs, you think about drugs that are bought on the street or drugs passed around at a party. You do not think about the fact there are “drugs” in your home, online, grocery stores,

Can I Have My Phone, My Car, My Laptop, Etc While I’m In Rehab?

Addiction is a disease. When drugs or alcohol take over a person’s life to the point that they no longer have control, there are chemical changes that take place in the brain. The cravings for the source of addiction become too powerful to deny. If a victim of substance abuse

I Don’t Really Need Detox. I Just Need Counseling…..

The first step in recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction is often detoxing, which is when you clear your system of any substances. Based on what substance you used and your level of dependency, you may feel that detoxing isn’t necessary, and going to counseling will be sufficient. You

Is There Such a Thing As a Holistic Drug Detox?

For an addict, life tends to revolve around your addiction. At first, you may simply spend your time looking forward to your next hit or drink, and you may even be able to hide your problem with drugs and alcohol from your family and friends. However, addiction eventually catches up

Should We Go To a Drug Rehab for Couples Or Separate Facilities?

When you and your partner are both struggling with an addiction, you may wonder what the correct course of treatment is. Speaking with a representative from the rehab facility is useful because then you can discuss your specific circumstances. As you’re in the planning stages, take some considerations into mind
personal development

Why Learning Life Skills is Actually Important

It is no secret that many addicts and alcoholics who enter into recovery lack the basic life skills necessary to successfully navigate through life. This is not a jab at people who suffer from addiction but it is simply the truth, and it makes sense too if you think about