What Does Step 1 of AA Mean For Your Life?

Recovery from addiction begins when the addict is willing to admit they have a problem. During the recovery process, there will be lots of firsts. This one is vital because it’s usually the catalyst that gets someone into rehab. Without this admission, the addict has an excuse for continuing to
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Lessons to Learn in an Alcohol Rehab

When you finally agree to enter an alcohol rehab, there are probably a lot of things on your mind. Of course you are going to wonder and worry about how things are going to be when you complete your stay. You may worry about rescuing the relationships you have damaged

How to Know If You Are Ready for Inpatient Rehab

Have you been feeling depressed lately or perhaps missing lots of time from work? Are your family and friends worried about you? Perhaps they have noticed how your health and general well-being have been affected by your frequent use (or abuse) of alcohol, prescription drugs, or street drugs. Addiction is

Going To A Rehab Center in Florida After Having A Period Of Good Sobriety

You worked hard during your first treatment program, and you were proud to join the ranks of those who embrace a sober lifestyle. At first, everything seemed to be going well, and this time you managed to avoid using drugs or alcohol for longer than ever before. While you’d heard

Do I Need Alcohol Inpatient Rehab If I Only Drink Heavy On The Weekends?

When it comes to alcohol addiction, identifying a person who is struggling with it might seem, in theory, like a pretty easy thing to do. In our minds, the ideal dependent person is living a life that has been destroyed by addiction. They drink from morning to night, their physical

Relapse Prevention Techniques After Going To Rehab

After attending a rehab program, your major goal is to likely stay free from the substance to which you were addicted. While that goal might sound easy to others, it can certainly prove difficult. Instead of allowing temptation to arise and to interfere with your process, recognize that you have

How To Stop Enabling An Addict

Having a loved one who is an addict can put you into a very difficult situation. When you care for a person, your first instinct is to provide whatever they want and keep them feeling happy and comfortable. Unfortunately, this can end up being very problematic when the person you

Finding The Right Support Groups For Alcoholism After Going To Rehab

Obtaining a support network is the most integral part of maintain recovery after completing rehab. Successful recovery is almost impossible to attain without fellowship. Support groups are typically non-professional and ran by other recovering addicts. There is no hierarchy; though members may be delegated to certain responsibilities, everyone is on

Maintaining The Sober Living Skills You Learned In A Florida Drug Rehab

Going through the process of rehabilitation seems to be an overwhelming feat for many. It takes a strong individual to get off drugs and maintain their sobriety. As painful as the journey, many find that the real work begins when you leave the program. You are faced with a world

I Just Want To Quit Drugs But I Don’t Want To Go To Treatment

At first, most people start using drugs out of curiosity or in an attempt to ease mental or physical pain. However, there eventually comes a time when you realize that your drug habits have turned into a full-blown addiction. In recent weeks, you may have tried to quit and found