Who Can Benefit From Rehab in FL?

Addiction is a terrible situation. For the addict, their health is at most risk. The longer they stay on the drug, the heavier the toll the body takes. Not to mention, since addiction is a disease, the more that they use a drug, the worse their brain becomes. Since many

What Does Step 1 of AA Mean For Your Life?

Recovery from addiction begins when the addict is willing to admit they have a problem. During the recovery process, there will be lots of firsts. This one is vital because it’s usually the catalyst that gets someone into rehab. Without this admission, the addict has an excuse for continuing to

Area There Any Support Groups for Families of Addicts While They Are In Rehab?

Addiction affects every aspect of a person’s life. While people may be able to hide their drug or alcohol use in the very beginning, the truth eventually comes out. Sadly, the family members of an addict are often affected the most, and you may still be trying to come to

What You Should Do on Your Last Day of Rehab

Getting out of rehab can be a very nerve-racking experience. You are leaving the safety and security of the facility, a place where staying sober is fairly easy, for the reality of life outside its walls. You are going to have to go back to work or find a new
woman undergoing different therapies

Therapy Profiles: Expressive Therapy

Effective drug treatment programs are made up of several essential services, and none are as important as therapy. Whether it is done on an individual basis or in a group setting, therapy allows those who struggle with substance abuse to address the underlying roots of their addiction. Once an addict is able to
man has his sanity back

Gifts of Sobriety: Peace of Mind, Body and Spirit

Early in our sobriety, it is often hard seeing the progress we make. We work long and hard working our program of recovery while trying to navigate the pressures and triggers of everyday life. There are days where staying in recovery can be a trial and it feels like we are