Daniel Radcliffe’s Problem with Alcohol Abuse

When most people think about Harry Potter their first thought is usually whiskey, right? Wrong. Which is why it is was surprising to hear that Daniel Radcliffe suffered from alcohol abuse towards the end of the movie franchises’ filming. I mean he was the boy wizard, he defeated Voldemort, and returned peace to the Wizarding world, how could he have problems with alcohol? The reason is because a) none of that is real and b) alcohol abuse can affect anyone regardless of fame, stature, or socioeconomic background.

Radcliffe himself does not identify as an alcoholic, although he does admit to having “an addictive personality” and said that he was a nightly drinker. All of this scared him greatly and he “was desperate to avoid becoming an alcoholic.”

The story of Daniel Radcliffe’s drinking began when he was 18 years old and was filming the 6th film in the Harry Potter franchise The Half Blood Prince. Radcliffe said in an interview with The Telegraph that he became increasing reliant on alcohol during this time period in order to cope with the pressures of fame. Something that no one could have prepared him for as he became famous overnight as one of the world’s most beloved and recognizable literary characters.

Feeling the pressures of fame and what that meant, Radcliffe began to think that he had to live a sort of tabloid movie star existence and so he indulged in the party lifestyle. The problem was that this sort of lifestyle did not suite him and nearly every time he would drink he would black out. This in time lead him at the age of 20 to become a recluse who would only drink at home. His fear that the tabloids would capture a photo of him doing something asinine while under the influence meant that leaving the house at night became increasingly risky as his drinking progressed.

While he never drank on the set of the Harry Potter films, he does admit that he went to work many times hung over or still drunk from the night before. He says, “I can point to many scenes where I’m just gone. Dead behind the eyes.”

When asked about how no one ever caught on to his drinking he replied, “People with problems like that are very adept at hiding it.” Which is a sentiment shared by almost everyone who has a drinking problem. Their number one concern is to maintain their secret so that they can continue to drink and with that sort of effort involved, a drinking problem can often be hidden for years.

man drinking alcohol

In 2010 he realized that something in his life needed to change. Daniel Radcliffe’s drinking was out of control and he knew that he was on his way to becoming another child star anecdote on the perils of fame. Not wanting this for his life, Radcliffe put down the booze and for a time turned over a new leaf.

For the next few years Radcliffe enjoyed his newfound sobriety, even informing many interviewers that he enjoyed being sober more than he ever enjoyed being drunk. He told them that he had found that his personality was better suited to sitting and having conversation with his friends rather than going out and partying and his new lifestyle supported this.

Then in 2012 he was reportedly kicked out of a New York City bar due to an alcohol-fueled fight that he got into with the DJ. Bystanders at the bar that night said that Radcliffe was drinking heavily and after the fight he was asked by management to leave. His relapse into alcohol abuse caused quite a stir in the tabloids because by this point it was widely known that he had quit drinking years before.

After this period of lapsed sobriety Daniel got sober again and has remained that way for the past three years. He said that being sober again has made him feel “a lot more settled mentally” and that is he “more comfortable with what makes [him] happy.” He said, “I change when I’m drunk. I’m one of those people who changes.” So understanding this, he knows that he cannot drink like a normal person could.

Though he does not identity as an alcoholic and so doesn’t attend AA meetings Radcliffe does participate in activities that he feels strengthen his sobriety. He is said to take five hour-long walks when he is craving a drink and goes to the gym on a regular basis. He finds these two actions are helpful in taking him out of his head when the thought of a drink seems like a good idea. Radcliffe also busies his mind with reading, which he has found to be therapeutic in his sobriety.

Radcliffe also doesn’t hang around in bars that much any more. He said that he still does go out to restaurants or pubs with his friends but that if they are staying to get drunk, he will head out, as he has no business being there.

Daniel Radcliffe seems to be truly enjoying his sober life and the fact that he was able to recognize his problem with alcohol at such an early age means that he has many years of wonderful things to come.

Finding Help For Your Alcohol Abuse Problem

Admitting that you may have a problem with alcohol is a difficult thing to do. Many times, there is a concern that the people around you will not understand and what’s worse, many people cannot envision their life without the drink. If you are currently in this position remember that if Daniel Radcliffe can admit to the world that he had a problem with alcohol then there is nothing that you need to be ashamed about. Alcoholism effects people from every walk of life and you no longer need to hide or feel guilty.

If you think you may need help with your alcohol problem, then call the professionals at Dream Center for Recovery today at 1-877-978-3148. We can help you overcome your alcoholism and get back on the road to following your dreams.