Do Mood Swings Get Better or Worse As You Stop Taking Crystal Methamphetamine?

If you’re taking crystal meth, then you probably wonder if going off it will help your violent mood swings, deteriorating weight, and other side effects. While I am not a doctor, I can share with you my story. For starters, I am thankful to be alive. I had my first injection when I was 30 years old. Today at 43, I am lucky to be here to tell you my tale. I want you to know that there is hope beyond this horrific drug. You can get clean and make yourself a productive member of society. Drugs will take you all the way to rock bottom, but you can slowly climb right back up. I am proof of that.

Drug Crazed from One Hit

For me, my infatuation with crystal meth began at a party. I started using marijuana for my depression. I lost both my parents in a horrible car accident. I didn’t want to go on. I had a friend who used weed for her anxiety, and she helped me out. One night I found myself at a party. There were many people I didn’t know, and all kinds of substances being passed around.

I mentioned that the weed had a temporary effect and I needed something greater to help. That moment changed everything. I decided to inject meth into my veins. I never thought I would get to this place, but at first, it was pure euphoria. All my troubles seemed to melt. I am one that got addicted from the first hit. I became drug crazed and had to have it every day.

The Violent Mood Swings Ruled Me

My temper became violent. My wife suffered the consequences of my drug use as did my three children. The problem is I couldn’t control it. I would go for long periods without sleep and physically exhaust my body, and then I would binge sleep for days. I lost my job, my self-worth, and my respect from my family. I went from being a 250-pound man to a scary 120 pounds.

I lost 16 teeth, and my skin had lesions all over it. My heart raced all the time, and I thought this drug was helping with anxiety and depression, but it only made things worse. I was such a mess that I hated myself. I was angry most of the time and was so violent that my children were no longer allowed to see me. The malicious binge and withdraw process became the story of my life.

I found myself in a hospital room about three years into my addiction. I still remember the little lady that came in and offered me help. I took that help, and I went to the closest rehabilitation center. Was it easy? No! There was nothing about the process easy, but it was worth it.

Finding Out Why I Experienced Such Things

One of the chief complaints from a person that has used crystal meth is the major mood swings. To understand why you have these mood swings, you must understand what this chemical substance is doing to your body. However, you will find relief once the drug gets out of your system, but you may be permanently altered. You must consider the residual effects and if there is an underlying mental illness playing a part. The remaining problems are something that I live with every day, and it is compounded by my depression and anxiety, which never went away.

What Happens to Your Body When You Smoke Meth?

When you smoke crystal meth, it affects many areas of the brain. The one part that is severely impacted by this drug is your central nervous system. Part of the reason that such intense mood swings are observed is that meth gives you a false sense of well-being and increased energy. You feel that you can do anything and need no sleep or food. The longest I ever went without sleep was 48 hours.

Another problem is it takes away your hunger. Therefore, so many users find themselves at a scary weight due to malnutrition. However, this euphoric state only lasts as long as the drugs. Once the meth exits your system, you are exhausted, hungry, and feeling the effects of the drug exiting your system. Most mood swings are observed during this phase.

The Residual Effects of Meth

Since crystal meth affects the brain, you may suffer from mood swings for life. The parts of your brain that have been altered cannot be fixed. While you won’t feel the effects of coming off the drug, any damage is unrepairable. Here are some of the most observed residual effects:

•Damage to Blood Vessels
•More Susceptible to Stroke and Death
•Damage to The Kidneys, Liver or even the Lungs
•If Smoked, Breathing Problems
•Vulnerable to Infectious Diseases
•Abscesses at The Injection Site
•Inability to Gain Weight, Malnutrition
•Tooth Decay and the Loss of Teeth
•Confusion, Lethargy, Disorganized, and Fatigue
•Psychological Addiction
•Unhappiness-Despair-Loss of Will to Live
•High Probability of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease as well as Seizures

Those who have smoked or injected meth into their bodies for more extended periods will have great lingering effects. It’s best to get treatment as soon as possible to avoid any long-term problems. I got dentures to replace my missing teeth, my skin healed, and I am now at an acceptable weight. I look like me again, but part of me will always crave this drug. Consequently, it’s a psychological dependence that I will fight for life.

If you have a crystal meth problem and these violent mood swings are controlling your life, then you need help. Don’t wait till it’s too late. There are centers all over the country that can help you find a place where you can heal. Call one of our representatives at 877-978-3148. This journey won’t be easy, but I promise you it will be worth it. You owe it to yourself to find you again and rebuild your life.