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iStock_000025745460_SmallRecovery from substance abuse is not seen as a singular event. Instead, those who seek sobriety and long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction must complete several important steps in order to achieve that ultimate goal. The medical detoxification process is a crucial foundation for recovery and involves the monitoring of patients by medical staff for any signs of physical and psychological withdrawal that occurs when an addict stops taking substances.

If you are seeking drug treatment, the importance of the detox process cannot be overlooked.  The detox process can make or break an your chances at a full recovery, so it is absolutely critical that you find a medical detox program that is licensed, reputable and staffed by experienced medical personnel. If you are unsure of where to turn to receive medical detox services, Dream Center for Recovery will help you find the appropriate medical detox center to meet your individual needs.

What is Medical Detox from Drugs & Alcohol and Why is it Important for My Recovery?

Medical detoxification can be simply defined as a set of interventions that are aimed at managing both acute withdrawal and intoxication due to substances. With the detoxification process, there is a clearing out of the toxins that have accumulated in the body and the interventions that are employed by medical staff are used to minimize both the physical and psychological harm that can be caused by substance abuse.

Medical detoxification is important to your recovery for three main reasons. First, detox allows treatment staff to perform a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of the substances that are present in your bloodstream and their concentrations. Additionally, detox staff will evaluate you for any co-Man Suffering From Headache In Bedoccurring mental or medical conditions that may be the underlying cause for your addictive behavior. If any co-occurring disorders such as depression and anxiety are discovered, treatment staff will be able to customize your individual treatment plan to address these issues.

Secondly, the detox process allows staff to minimize the physical and psychological symptoms that are associated with withdrawal. Many drugs such as alcohol, opiates, benzodiazepines (such as Xanax), stimulants and prescription painkillers have withdrawal symptoms that can be uncomfortable and potentially life-threatening without proper medical intervention. Depending on the substances you are addicted to, medical staff will slowly wean you off those substances to ensure a safe detox experience. Medications such as Suboxone or methadone may be administered in some cases, but this will only be done under the strict supervision of experienced medical staff.

Once you are stabilized and are substance-free, medical detox staff will prepare you to enter formal treatment. It is important to note that medical detoxification is not seen as drug treatment.  Medical detoxification is an important cornerstone in the overall recovery process. The role of detox staff in this step is to provide you with the encouragement, support and motivation you need to benefit from the counseling, therapy and other essential programming that inpatient drug treatment offers. You may be encouraged to attend 12-Step groups such as AA, NA or other similar groups.

How Long Does the Medical Detoxification Process Last?

In general, you can expect to be in medical detox for 5-14 days; however, the process of detoxification from substance abuse can widely vary depending on the type of drug or drugs that have been abused, the frequency of their use and abuse and the length of time the substances were taken. During that time period you may experience a variety of symptoms Nurse giving pills to a male patientassociated with withdrawal including vomiting, nausea, muscle cramps and bone pain as examples.

With certain drugs, such as heroin and oxycodone for example, individuals may be given smaller doses of the abused drug or given synthetic derivatives in order to wean the body gradually off of that substance because sudden withdrawal could cause severe physical effects.  Other factors that can determine length of stay in medical detox include, among others:

  1. Significant mood swings or drastic changes in your mental state
  2. Your age
  3. Your cultural views and attitudes towards drug treatment
  4. If you are caring for dependent children

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What Happens if I Leave Detox Early?

The physical and mental discomfort of the detoxification process may lead some addicts to think about leaving detox early and trying to handle their addiction on their own. Leaving drug detox early is highly discouraged for the fact that a common reason for relapse for many addicts is the withdrawal symptoms themselves. Without receiving the proper medical care, medical detoxthese symptoms can lead the addict back into active substance use and as a result their addiction will grow worse.

Since an important part of the detox process is to evaluate for co-occurring physical or mental issues as well as evaluating your past medical history, leaving detox early will cause these underlying conditions to become more deeply rooted over time and you can potentially put yourself in a life-threatening situation if they aren’t addressed in a medical setting. The key to fully recovering from the ravages of substance abuse is to address both the physical and mental aspects of addiction. By undergoing and completing medical detoxification, both of these aspects of addiction can be fully addressed and detox and drug treatment staff will be able to create a recovery plan that addresses your unique and individual needs.

We Can Help Find the Right Medical Detox Program for You with Ease & Compassion

comfortable safe medical detoxWe understand that reaching out to someone for help can feel overwhelming.  Dream Center for Recovery simplifies the admission process, eliminating unnecessary stress, uncertainty and anxiety.  Our knowledgeable and compassionate Recovery Advisors will listen closely to your needs and answer all your questions so that your first step towards achieving the Dream of Addiction-Free living is an easy one.  When you call, you can expect clear, concise information regarding:

  • Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs and Treatment Services
  • Insurance eligibility and coverage (note: If you have coverage of any kind from a major insurance provider, your substance abuse recovery treatment will likely be covered)
  • Full Admission Details
  • Travel Options and Considerations

The medical detoxification process from drug and alcohol abuse and addiction is an extremely important step in your recovery. While the detox process can be difficult and full of uncertainty, Dream Center for Recovery will help you find the appropriate medical detox center to meet your unique and specific needs. We work with medical detox centers that have experienced staff, are fully licensed and accredited, and will offer you the specialized assistance needed to complete the detoxification process in a comfortable, safe environment with minimal withdrawal symptoms.

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