Dream Center for Recovery

A Fresh Start

If you or someone you love are in need of true fresh start, Dream Center for Recovery, located in Palm City on Florida’s beautiful Treasure Coast, is the perfect place!  Set among eight (8) spacious acres, Dream Center is filled with an abundance of all things natural—air, trees, plants, thoroughbred horses, fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, and more–that together provides our clients with a true Fresh Start from toxic world of drugs and alcohol and the ideal environment in which to lay the groundwork needed to realize the dream of addiction-free living. Clients reside in one of three well-appointed gender specific houses that are supervised 24/7 by our highly trained and compassionate staff.  Dream Center offers a wide range of stimulating on-site activities including: equestrian center, basketball, organic gardening, volleyball, swimming, ping pong, multi-purpose rec center, movie nights, arts & crafts and more.

Learning to have fun and enjoy life without the use of drugs and alcohol is an integral part of every client’s recovery. Thanks to Dream Center for Recovery’s location on Florida’s beautiful Treasure Coast, where the average daily temperature is 72 degrees, clients will enjoy a variety of off-site activities like snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, airboat rides, fishing, swimming and relaxing on our warm sandy beaches- as well as other fun activities like horseback riding, rope courses, bowling, movie nights, and more!

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Our Approach

Dream Center for Recovery’s highly trained addiction specialists work closely with each client to determine their strengths and weaknesses while formulating a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to their specific needs as the means to help each individual realize the dream of addiction free living.

Our Facility

Dream Center for Recovery consists of three comfortable, well-appointed, home-like residences set among eight spacious acres filled with an abundance of all things natural—air, trees, plants, thoroughbred horses, fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs and more—that together provides clients with a true fresh start from the toxic world of drug and alcohol abuse.

Treatment Services

Dream Center for Recovery supports clients through the many stages of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.  Our continuum of care programs and comprehensive treatment services are designed to ensure that each client receives the appropriate level of care needed to achieve the dream of lifelong recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Things To Do at Dream Center for Recovery

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