Finding a Drug Rehab Center in Florida With A Good Success Track Record

After experiencing the epiphany that you are powerless over your addiction and your life has become unmanageable as a result of it, deciding to go to a drug rehab is the next best step towards recovery. Whether or not a stint in rehab will lead to lifelong recovery is almost solely dependent on you, an effective rehab center makes a significant difference. Most likely, you will be looking at the success track records of rehab centers when narrowing down your choices for rehab centers.

Millions of individuals suffering from addiction head down to the Sunshine State every year for rehab because of the large number of reputable rehab centers. However, you should not assume that every Florida rehab lives up to that reputation. There are several characteristics of a good rehab center that you should look for in your search.

  • Educated, compassionate, and dedicated staff

Quality rehabs will put effort into hiring the most educated staff that applies. The staff should be licensed and possess an ample amount of education. Most rehab centers will have a webpage about their staff. The majority of the counselors should possess a bachelor’s degree or higher (also known as a level two certified addiction counselor or higher). However, education does not entirely indicate an effective counselor. If the counselors have genuine empathy for the clients and are invested in their work, they will much more effective than counselors who are merely counselors for a paycheck. You should check alumni testimonials and reviews from various sites that will indicate the compassion and dedication of the staff members.

  • Onsite medical detox

Detox is the most critical part of the recovery process. Withdrawal can be excruciating and even fatal if it does not take place under proper medical supervision. Every client will go through withdrawal upon entry; therefore, an onsite medical detox is a necessity.

  • 24/7 onsite medical staff

Throughout withdrawal and the rest of your stay, your condition will fluctuate and medical emergencies can arise at any time, which is why medical staff must be onsite 24 hours a day and seven days a week to monitor you and treat you if any complications arise.

  • Customized treatment plans

Addiction is both a physiological and psychological disease, and the psychological aspect is unique to every case. Some people’s psychological drive behind their addiction may be child abuse, and other people’s psychological drive may be an inferiority complex. Customized treatment plans are a necessity for success. Even though the rehab may use the same methods of treatment for all clients (e.g. individual counseling, group therapy, and experiential therapy), the focus must be customized to your unique case.

  • Family programs

Addiction is a family disease because it affects the entire family physically, mentally, and spiritually. In order for you to recover, your family must recover. An effective rehab will recognize addiction being a family disease by having family therapy, family programs, and/or hosting family days and weekends.

  • Aftercare help and referrals

Being able to maintain sobriety and a recovery lifestyle after leaving rehab is the ultimate test. An effective rehab will work with you on your aftercare plans. They may refer you to a sober-living facility, halfway house, intensive-outpatient program, outpatient program, and/or meetings in your area. They may even help you with finding employment and/or education. They should be willing to have their staff keep in touch with you to monitor your progress.


The Florida Model to Treating Addiction

Florida, particularly South Florida, has been known as the go-to state for recovery for many years for several reasons.

  • Pleasant healing environment due to the warm climate and proximity to the ocean.
  • Allowing most recovering individuals to be far away from the environment that they were active in their addiction.
  • Economy that has employers that are amenable to hiring recovering addicts.

All of these reasons created the large recovery community and plethora of rehab centers that now exist in Florida; however, the original reason Florida became the Recovery State is the Florida Model to treating addiction.

The Florida model originated in the 1980’s in Florida. Back then, the traditional model of addiction treatment was still being utilized, which consisted of recovering individuals being confined to a hospital-like environment. The Florida model contradicted the traditional model by making the rehab experience similar to a college campus experience. The recovering individuals were housed in apartment-style buildings or single family homes, and treatment took place in several different buildings. The recovering individuals had the freedom to soak up the Florida sun and travel to different buildings on the complex. In addition, life skills were taught through housing them in residential environments, and experiential treatments (e.g. art therapy, nature therapy, and adventure therapy) started being utilized.

Numerous studies over the past three decades proved the Florida Model as the most effective form of addiction treatments. The success rates of rehab facilities that utilized the Florida model were significantly higher than those who utilized the traditional model. This is believed to be due to the flexibility and holistic approach of these Florida model rehab centers, which thus makes the rehab experience more enjoyable. The Florida model is now utilized at treatment facilities all over the world. However, the Florida model must done correctly by

  • Being licensed
  • Having dedicated staff
  • Being secure and sanitary
  • Having 24/7 supervision
  • Having small clients to staff ratios.

Finding the Best Florida Rehab for You or Your Loved One

Contrary to popular belief, rehab centers who claim to have extremely high success rates (over 80 percent) are not necessarily the best rehab centers. Claims of such success rates are merely a marketing tactic. A statistic in a book once said that approximately 20 percent of all addicts in the world achieve lifelong recovery because addiction is such a difficult disease to overcome; therefore, extremely high success rates of one facility are not proportionate to the big picture.

The key to finding a quality Florida rehab is to look at what the rehab center has to offer. The rehab center should possess all of the qualities of an effective rehab and a correctly-done Florida Model rehab. Visiting the rehab to meet the staff, see the clients in action, and ask thorough questions are key to knowing for sure if a particular rehab is right for you. There are many rehabs in Florida, so you have a plethora of options if you do not like the aura of one rehab you visit.

Dream Center for Recovery is located in Stuart, Florida. We have a compassionate staff who is committed to make yours or your loved one’s dream of lifelong recovery come true. Call our 24/7 helpline at 877-978-3148 if you are interested in admission or have general questions about addiction and/or treatment.