Gifts of Sobriety: Peace of Mind, Body and Spirit

Early in our sobriety, it is often hard seeing the progress we make. We work long and hard working our program of recovery while trying to navigate the pressures and triggers of everyday life. There are days where staying in recovery can be a trial and it feels like we are living minute to minute in order to stay clean and sober. When we keep on working our recovery and our clean time starts to build up, we start to feel something deep within us that is hard to put into words.

We may not be able to explain what is happening, but we understand at the deepest levels that we are starting to fully receive the gifts of sobriety. When we are in recovery, our priorities begin to shift and we move away from self-gratification and trying to satisfy our ego. Instead, we move towards an appreciation of the simple things and we start enjoying the peace and contentment of what our world offers us on a daily basis. Ultimately, we become grateful and happy to be at the moment in our lives and look forward to what our future holds for us.

The First Gift of Sobriety: Sanity

woman with peace of mind

When our mind, body and spirit starts to come together in our recovery, the first gift of sobriety that we begin to experience is the return of our sanity. We often don’t recognize this gift at first because we fixate on the fact that we no longer are getting drunk or high. It may happen weeks or months later, but you will begin to notice that you can go an entire day without thinking about drinking or using drugs.

When this realization occurs, it can feel like a miracle. It is at that moment when you realize that recovery is real and that all of your hard work is beginning to pay dividends. You grow more confident in your identity as a recovering person and realize that you are fully living in the present. You begin to realize that the past no longer defines you and that your future depends on what you do in the here and now.

The Second Gift of Sobriety: Taking Action

When you start accumulating significant clean and sober time, you begin to realize that you are taking positive steps to maintain meaningful long-term recovery. The second gift of sobriety that helps bring you peace to your mind, body and soul is the fact that you are taking action to work towards a meaningful long-term recovery. Every day, you are taking some form of positive action by using an approach that is holistic in nature.

You are engaging in a consistent exercise program and have improved your diet and nutrition. You may have incorporated yoga practice in your daily routine or have set aside time each day to engage in mindful meditation practice. Whatever approaches you are taking, you are incorporating healthy practices and habits from a wide array of disciplines, and the deep feelings of peace and contentment you begin to satisfy you on a deepest of levels.

The Third Gift of Sobriety: Giving Back

Perhaps the greatest and most meaningful gift of sobriety that helps complete you as a whole person is giving back to other people. Working with others who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse is possibly the best and most effective relapse prevention tool you have in your arsenal. Helping others in recovery is at the core of AA and other 12-step groups and allows you to spread the message that recovering from substance abuse is possible.

There are many ways that you can give back. One of the most obvious is to become a sponsor or chair a 12-step meeting. You can also give of yourself as a volunteer at a local drop-in center or other recovery-based organization. You can be a mentor to a young person who may be struggling with addiction. Whatever the method you choose to give back, finding a meaningful way to reach out and offer a helping hand is an extremely powerful way to reinforce your sobriety and help others achieve the same serenity and peace of mind you are experiencing in your own recovery.

Are You Seeking Peace of Mind, Body, and Soul?

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