Should We Go To a Drug Rehab for Couples Or Separate Facilities?

When you and your partner are both struggling with an addiction, you may wonder what the correct course of treatment is. Speaking with a representative from the rehab facility is useful because then you can discuss your specific circumstances. As you’re in the planning stages, take some considerations into mind to determine whether separate facilities or rehab for couples is the right choice.

Evaluating Before Rehab

Evaluating your current and previous circumstances can help you to decide which path to take. You should look at a variety of factors, including the following:

  • the overall health of your relationship
  • the way you influences one another
  • the substances that you abuse

Assessing the health of your relationship is important. For example, you may currently hold on to an unhealthy relationship that is based solely on your drug usage together. If that is the case, then consider the benefits of placing the priority solely on yourself. On the other hand, if you are in a serious, long-term relationship, opting for a program that can treat your struggles as an individual and as a couple can have major benefits.

You should also look at whether or not you influence one another to use drugs. Chances are that you do in some way. A program for couples can assist you in recognizing the ways that you have influenced one another and how to remove those habits from your relationship. A program designed for a pair, therefore, can make your overall relationship better.

The substances that you abuse also play a role in whether or not you can go to a rehab program together. If you abuse different types of substances, you may then need different types of treatment. While you may want to stay together as you attend rehab, keep in mind how important it is to receive the help for your specific addiction. Failure to do so could mean that you leave the program without the necessary tools to avoid temptation.

Attending the Program

You should also think about what the program will be like if you attend it together. Social bonds are generally encouraged in programs for drug rehab because these connections help you to grow. With your partner at your side, you may not fully engage in the social opportunities. You could end up relying so much on one another that you don’t forge healthy, new relationships with other individuals at the facility. On the other hand, the social bond that you share with your partner could provide the both of you with encouragement and motivation, especially during difficult days.

The rehab program will also offer you a variety of opportunities for development and growth. For example, you can learn about healthy, invigorating activities to turn your attention away from drug usage. Perhaps you are interested in the arts, and your partner would prefer athletic pursuits. Consider whether you will encourage one another to support each other on separate paths or if you’ll want to spend all of your time together. The latter could prove detrimental to your recovery. A successful partnership allows both people to express their individuality. Remember that your main goal here is to recover and to avoid drug usage.

You may also find yourself in situations where you want to share information about your relationship. During therapy sessions, you could express how you feel that your relationship has played a role in your addiction. Consider whether or not you would want your partner in the same environment while you’re sharing this information. Feeling free to express yourself in therapy is imperative. It is through these conversations that you can get to know yourself better and uncover the reasons why you struggle from a drug addiction. Elements that could prevent these revelations are stifling.

Looking to the Future

When you’re entering a drug rehab program, you must be willing to focus on yourself and your health. Consider where you see your current relationship going. If the relationship is nearing its end or if it is entirely built on drug usage, you must then consider whether or not attending a rehab program together is really the best decision. You want to invest in your future during this program, and if you don’t have a future together, you could be moving in the wrong direction.

On the other hand, attending a rehab program together could help you to work toward future goals. For example, you may want to move forward in your relationship and purchase a home together, have children or pursue more hobbies together. Your drug usage may have stifled these goals until this point, but going to rehab together can help you determine how to live a better life overall. You can learn how your drug usage as a couple has prevented you from progress in the past and how your recovery as a couple can assist in a happier existence.

Since therapy is generally a part of rehab, going together can help to bring other issues to the service. During the therapy sessions and program, you may learn that other issues are preventing your relationship from being as strong as it can. You can learn about resources and methods for resolving these struggles as well, thereby allowing you to leave the rehab center in a much better place in your relationship. Your time at the facility can also provide you with a break from stress factors back at home. In the past, you may have allowed these issues to act as sources of contention between the two of you. In rehab, you can learn how to overcome them together as a team.

Attending a rehab program is a personal decision, but when you’re in a relationship, it’s one that you might not make alone. You and your partner may decide that attending a rehab program together is the best way to recover. When you want assistance in deciding and exploring the options, contact us at 877-978-3148 to get started.