What is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

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Drug and alcohol addiction affects every part of an addict’s life. Addiction not only affects a person’s physical health, it also impacts their emotional health, mental health and relationships with family and friends. While undergoing treatment at a drug rehab facility is an essential step in sobriety and long-term recovery, the services they provide may not address all the aspects of life that are affected by substance abuse, and the result is often relapse once drug treatment ends.

In order to give those struggling with substance abuse the best chance at breaking the cycle of addiction, they must find drug treatment that addresses the mind, body and spirit. An increasing number of addicts are turning to holistic addiction treatment centers to achieve the ultimate goal of recovery. Holistic drug treatment combines traditional treatment methods with other therapeutic options so they can reap the full benefits of rehab while achieving physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

What is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

Simply defined, holistic addiction treatment treats the whole body. For those rehab centers that practice holistic care, addiction is a disease that has three components. The first aspect of addiction is that it is a spiritual disease in which drugs and alcohol attack the soul and spirit of the addict. The second aspect of addiction is that it causes physical changes in which the addict’s essential body functions become significantly impaired. Lastly, addiction changes the brain chemistry of the addict and they become mentally obsessed with using substances.

Holistic addiction treatment utilizes the counseling, therapy and medical detoxification services that are seen in traditional drug treatment programs and incorporates alternative treatment options for a perfect balance of healing. Some of these alternative treatment methods may include the following:

  • Exercise programs
  • Acupuncture
  • Message therapy
  • Chiropractic services
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Herbal treatments
  • Tai Chi

Holistic addiction treatment facilities focus on how an individual connects with nature. For this reason, many of these treatment facilities are located in rural locations such as near mountains, forests or large bodies of water.


Why are Holistic Approaches Great for Addiction Treatment?

One of the main reasons why an increasing number of addicts are turning to holistic treatment centers is the fact these programs provide a wide variety of traditional and alternative treatment methods that can be customized to fit an individual’s specific and unique needs. Oftentimes with traditional drug treatment centers there is a “one size fits all” approach and these drug rehab programs may not feature the services that are needed to accommodate an addict’s special needs and goals for recovery. Another important reason why holistic addiction treatment centers are beneficial for recovery is that the underlying physical, psychological and spiritual roots of addiction are addressed in treatment. It is not only important for the patient to break the cycle of addiction, it is also important to achieve wellness in body, mind and spirit.

Additionally, holistic addiction treatment centers still place importance of the medical detoxification, counseling, therapy and aftercare programs that are featured in more traditional drug rehab programs. Those services are essential and provide the cornerstone to an addict’s overall program of recovery. The additional exercise, nutritional and relaxation and meditation programs that are offered at holistic-based drug rehabs are in place are seen as important supplements to better help the addict achieve balance, which give addicts a better chance at achieving long-term recovery.

Why Should People Seek Help at a Holistic Addiction Treatment Center?

If you are looking for a drug rehab program that offers more to you in terms of programming and healthy activities, a holistic drug treatment center should be at the top of your list. There are several advantages that holistic drug treatment centers offer patients. First, many holistic addiction treatment facilities have low staff-to-patient ratios. Because of this, patients can receive individual attention which can help them heal quickly. With that more individual attention, clients can feel that therapists and other treatment staff know and understand their situation.

The staff that work at holistic drug treatment facilities are highly trained, educated and experienced in the field of addiction and recovery. With this higher level of education and experience, therapists, counselors and other treatment staff are more knowledgeable in implementing programming that will bring forth behavioral changes in patients. Additionally, holistic treatment centers offer a balance of group and individual therapy which allows patients know they are not alone in their struggles with addiction, yet gives them one-on-one time to deal with more private matters.

Many holistic treatment centers have apartments or other living quarters where they can live during the detoxification and treatment process. By offering housing in this type of setting, holistic rehab programs can help build up the self-esteem and self-worth of patients which promotes a happier, more healthy lifestyle which is conducive to recovery. Additionally, these treatment centers also provide comprehensive follow-up and aftercare programs once a patient is finished with treatment. By providing the newly recovering addict with a solid plan of recovery and access to peer-centered support groups and activities, it helps to deepen the recovery process.


Call Dream Center for Recovery to Find the Best Holistic Treatment Options

When it comes to drug treatment, there are many options that you can pursue, and with all the options that are available you may be uncertain of which options best suit your needs. While holistic addition treatment programs provide a myriad of services that can be a great benefit, you still may be unsure on the treatment process. As a premier holistic addiction treatment center, Dream Center for Recovery utilizes a comprehensive array of treatment therapies that are highly effective and evidence based.

Our addiction specialists are highly trained and have years of experience in implementing holistic-based programs and are able to customize and individualize treatment plans that build on a person’s strengths as well as work on a person’s weaknesses. Our staff’s ultimate goal is to help each person achieve the dream of long-term recovery from the devastating effects of addiction. Call Dream Center for Recovery today and take the first step towards a new chapter in your life.