How to Get Your Son or Daughter Help For Addiction

When your son or daughter is in the grips of an addiction their entire personality can change. A sweet, loving child can turn into mean and moody person almost overnight. You just want to get them the help they need so they can get healthy and you can have your child back. Our addiction treatment center in Florida can help them quit their addiction and resume their normal life.

Your son or daughter’s journey to recovery will begin with a detox period. During this time, the drug or alcohol use will stop and the body will gradually rid itself of these substances. It is important for this to occur under the supervision of trained addiction staff so that his or her safety and well being can be monitored. This can be an incredibly difficult part of the journey and your support will be necessary.

The Help They Need For Recovery

Once the alcohol or drugs have been eliminated from the body, the hard work of recovery begins. Individual therapy will help the individual talk about their experiences and feelings during this emotional time. Implementing new goals and learning about what kinds of situations to avoid in order to avoid relapse is a part of this therapy.

Group therapy with other people in their age group will allow them to realize they are not going through their recovery alone. It is also helpful for them to hear about others’ experiences with alcohol and drug addiction and listen to the things they are doing to avoid relapsing.

Inpatient treatment allows the person to become a part of a community. They will participate in daily chores while they are in our facility and eat meals with other clients. This is important, especially for younger adults, in establishing new peer groups that are also committed to getting clean and sober.

Your son or daughter will need to learn how to cope with the stressors and trigger of their everyday life without using drugs or alcohol. Our addiction counselors will help them implement healthy coping strategies so that once they have finished our program, they can use what they have learned to stay drug-free at home.

Our counselors and staff are passionate about helping people live a clean and sober life so that you can have your happy, healthy loved one back. Call us today at 877-978-3148 to talk about how to help your child begin their recovery journey.