How to Manage the Costs of Going to Rehab Even When You Have Insurance

Whether you’ve long felt that going to rehab was important or you’ve recently become aware of how this step can profoundly change your life, you may have some reservations about the cost. Perhaps you’ve even conducted some initial research and know that the cost out-of-pocket is high. It’s possible that you will still have to pay some money even if your insurance covers part of the treatment.

This situation could cause you to want to avoid going to rehab. However, think about how important treatment for your addiction is. You should not let the cost stand in the way of making a seriously important change in your life. Instead, you can consider other options for managing the costs.

Research Insurance Providers

Depending upon how you get insurance, you might have the ability to change your provider. You may want to call around to find out if other providers will offer you more coverage. In the event that you can increase the amount of coverage that you have for insurance, you may discover that your anxieties about out-of-pocket costs get to entirely disappear. As you’re seeking coverage, do keep in mind that you must find out if the rehab facility that you wish to enroll in takes your coverage.

Set up Automatic Payments

It’s also possible that you have the money to pay for the treatment but that you are worried about spending it elsewhere. Find out if the rehab facility can accept automatic payments. Instead of having to take the time to write out a monthly check, you can have the money automatically withdrawn from your account. Another option is to pay for the entire treatment upfront. By doing so, you do not need to have the money taken out of your account or worry about making payments. While you want to feel motivated to stay in treatment for the sake of your health, knowing that you already paid for the treatment could help to encourage you a bit on difficult days.

Discuss Services Offered At The Treatment Center

When you see the total cost of rehab in front of you, you may feel overwhelmed. In fact, you may immediately decide that you cannot afford the treatment. However, you should not make hasty decisions of this nature. Always speak with a representative to find out what can be done. Go through the bill together. By speaking with a representative, you may discover that you do not need some of the services. Then, you can work to reduce the bill.

Consider Outpatient Treatment

Right now, you may feel quite focused on getting yourself into an inpatient treatment program. You may feel as though the time away from your daily life can seriously help you to overcome your addiction. Inpatient treatment certainly offers wonderful benefits in this regard, but it is generally more costly than outpatient treatment. In the event that you truly cannot afford inpatient treatment at this time, do not give up on your quest for help. Instead, consider enrolling in an outpatient program as you can still make serious strides in your bid for freedom from addiction.

Ask for Help

For some people, asking for help is one of the hardest steps that they’ll ever have to take. Keep in mind, however, that you have already decided to seek assistance for your addiction. This move was a huge one. You have serious practice in asking for help, and you should not be afraid about asking for more. When it comes to asking for assistance, you have a few options to consider:

  • Ask loved ones for money.
  • Put the charges on a credit card.
  • Take out a loan.
  • Speak to a representative at the facility.

Ask for Money

In the event that you have taken money from your loved ones in the past, especially if the funds were used to fuel your addiction, you may find that they have tremendous skepticism about lending you money now. You could offer that they make the payments directly to the treatment center so that they know exactly where their money is going.

Charge Your Treatment

If you have enough space on your credit card, you could consider charging the treatment as long as credit cards are accepted. Another option is to apply for a new credit card. You should proceed with caution when it comes to putting treatment on a credit card. The goal of going into treatment is to make your life better; you do not want to come out of the program with more problems. In the event that the credit card has a low interest rate and you are good with money, this option might be a good one to consider.

Take out a Loan

Personal loans are available from a variety of providers and for a host of reasons. Take a look at reputable loan providers. You can search online or conduct research in your community. You may very well find that the interest rates on loans are lower than ones on credit cards, so this move could seriously help you. Make sure that you have the ability to pay the loan back because you do not want to get yourself into financial trouble.

Speak to the Facility

You also do not have to feel as though you are in this process alone. If you realize that you do not have any options for paying the facility, you should speak with a representative there. Through this conversation, you can learn about different payment options. The representative might be able to provide you with options that you did not actually realize existed before. In fact, you might learn about payment plans that can help to fund your treatment.

You may learn that even though you have insurance, the out-of-pocket expenses for your treatment are too high for you to afford. Do not give up because you have other options to explore. One of those options is calling 877-978-3148 to speak with a representative at any time.