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Intensive Outpatient ProgramFor many who struggle with substance abuse, undergoing counseling, therapy and programming at a drug rehab facility is their best option to break the continual and frustrating cycle of drug and alcohol addiction. While the intensive nature of inpatient-based drug treatment provides addicts with the tools and support they need to give them the best chance at long-term recovery, there may be instances where inpatient drug and alcohol rehab may not be a person’s best option. For those who have the desire to seek treatment, their busy work and family commitments may prevent them from attending inpatient treatment. Fortunately, these individuals can attend intensive outpatient & outpatient treatment and receive the support they need while being able to uphold their daily obligations to work and family.

Intensive Outpatient & Outpatient Programs at Dream Center for Recovery

Dream Center for Recovery’s Intensive Outpatient & Outpatient Programs are designed for individuals who are in need of a less structured substance abuse recovery program that offers the flexibility to continue working and living in the surrounding community while receiving the continued care, support and guidance needed to achieve the dream of addiction-free living. Intensive Outpatient & Outpatient Programs are also ideal for clients that have graduated from Dream Center’s 30-45 day drug and alcohol rehab program, and are looking for continued help and support to achieve the Dream of addiction-free living while returning to work, school or other commitments and obligations.

In our Intensive Outpatient & Outpatient programs, we offer both individual counseling and group therapy sessions in which we employ a variety of highly effective treatment therapies such as the following:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Trauma Resolution Therapy
  • Solution Focused Therapy
  • Reality Therapy

In addition to these therapeutic methods, Dream Center for Recovery also offers dual diagnosis counseling. Oftentimes an addict’s substance abuse issues are the result of deeper mental and psychological issues. With dual diagnosis counseling, we help addicts address those issues which allows them to fully embrace recovery. Additionally, we strongly encourage active involvement and participation in Twelve Step-based support groups such as AA, NA and other similar mutual self-help groups. Since medical detoxification is not a requirement to receive treatment at an outpatient treatment center, many who are struggling with addiction or newly in recovery can find substantial benefits from pursuing this treatment option.

What Can You Expect from Intensive Outpatient & Outpatient Programs at Dream Center for Recovery?

Individual Therapy SessionsWhen you make the commitment to undergo intensive outpatient or outpatient treatment at our facility, you will receive treatment programming that is delivered by therapists and counselors who have extensive experience in helping clients understand the complex and progressive disease of addiction. Our treatment staff interacts with all clients in an empathetic manner and are able to create individualized recovery programs that fit each client’s unique and special needs. By taking into account each individual’s strengths, weaknesses, personality and communication style, the treatment professionals at a Dream Center for Recovery can create treatment and recovery plans that can incorporate these preferences while sticking to the guidelines of the overall program. Ultimately, these treatment plans help all of our patients to understand the underlying causes of their substance abuse and give them the tools and encouragement they need to move forward in recovery with confidence.

Additionally, clients who attend our Intensive Outpatient & Outpatient treatment programs will be taught the necessary life and coping skills that are needed to function on a daily basis. Among the key topics and concepts that our staff covers with clients includes the following:

  • The progression of addiction as a disease
  • Relapse prevention techniques
  • The characteristics of addiction
  • Co-occurring disorders and their effects of addiction and recovery
  • The concepts of tolerance and withdrawal
  • Managing cravings and urges
  • The development of spirituality
  • Anger management
  • Learning to communicate with others through team building exercises
  • Development of an aftercare plan that will help them maintain recovery

Our goals for each patient are two-fold. First, patients will learn how to effectively communicate their emotions in a healthy and proactive manner which includes dealing with past life events that have contributed to the development of their drug and alcohol addiction. Secondly, patients will have developed the healthy and effective coping skills that will be needed to continue working their program of recovery after drug treatment.

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How Can Dream Center for Recovery’s Intensive Outpatient & Outpatient Programs Help You in Your Recovery?

In addition to the support that you receive from our experienced treatment staff, you will also benefit from the encouragement and support of fellow addicts who are going through similar experiences. Active involvement in peer-based support groups outside of treatment, along with our recommended aftercare options, will help increase the likelihood of sustaining long-term recovery. Additionally, the knowledge, treatment and counseling that you receive at Dream Center for Recovery will also help guard against the effects of Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS).

Sober Support Group

For those who are in recovery, the effects of PAWS can occur months and even years after active drug use has ceased and when brain chemistry and functioning have returned to normal. The most common symptoms may include mood swings, anxiety, irritability and a loss of focus. For those who are in recovery, the effects of PAWS can occur months and even years after active drug use has ceased and when brain chemistry and functioning have returned to normal.

For those recovering addicts who experience the symptoms of PAWS, they may feel they are failing in their recovery and may feel the pull of addiction drawing them back into using drugs and alcohol. With our intensive outpatient and subsequent aftercare programs, you will better understand those feelings associated with PAWS are a normal part of the recovery process. To combat those feelings, you will learn and develop healthy ways to handle those by practicing excellent self-care and learning relaxation techniques.

Achieve Long-Term Recovery Through Intensive Outpatient & Outpatient Treatment at Dream Center for Recovery

If you or a family member desire long-term recovery from substance abuse and addiction, Intensive Outpatient & Outpatient treatment are important options to consider. Dream Center for Recovery offers Intensive Outpatient & Outpatient counseling services that can be tailored to meet your individual and unique needs. We strive to create a feeling of community where support and encouragement are essential for healing and recovery. Call us today at 1-800-761-0327 and achieve the dream of addiction-free living!

Dream Center for Recovery

In addition to over 6,000 square feet of newly renovated clinical office space, Dream Center provides an extraordinary residential living facility that is set among 8 spacious acres and filled with an abundance of all things natural- trees, plants, fruits, vegetables, eggs, horses and more- that together provides clients with a true fresh start from the toxic world of drugs & alcohol.