Why Learning Life Skills is Actually Important

It is no secret that many addicts and alcoholics who enter into recovery lack the basic life skills necessary to successfully navigate through life. This is not a jab at people who suffer from addiction but it is simply the truth, and it makes sense too if you think about it. Many addicts and alcoholics spent years of their lives pursuing drugs and alcohol above everything else and because of this, they never acquired the basic skills that people who don’t suffer from these diseases take for granted.

They may have never learned how to do laundry or cook for themselves. They may have no idea how to clean their apartment or build a resume, and when it comes to relationships, their communication skills may be severely lacking. All of this is the reason that many treatment centers offer life skills training. They are aware that teaching these basics tenants for life to the newly sober alcoholic or addict is imperative if they are going to be able to maintain their recovery. They know that to just get a person clean and sober is not enough, but they must be given tools with which they can deal with life.

So with all of that said let’s take a look at what life skills truly are and why they are so important to a person’s recovery.

Why Learning Life Skills is Important

Most people are unaware when they come into recovery that getting sober is more than just putting down the drink or drug. It is learning an entirely new way of life with new coping skills and a new sense of direction that could not have been imagined during active addiction. It is about putting aside old patterns of thought and allowing new ones to take shape and most important—it is about finally growing up.

Part of growing up means taking care of yourself and beginning the sometimes difficult process of assimilating into society. It means taking care of yourself, but in order to do this, many addicts and alcoholics first have to learn how to do this. They have to be taught the basics and that is where the information they get from life skills training comes in.

Some of the skills that you will learn through this process are:

  • Conflict Resolution Skills

This is something that many addicts and alcoholics have no idea how to do. When they have an issue with someone there are really two ways of going about handling that: they either blow up and start a fight, or they silently resent the person for years. But by learning conflict resolution skills, they can begin to have healthier relationships at home and at work and they no longer have to let resentments eat them up inside.

  • Emotional Coping Skills

Being able to cope with the stresses of life is essential to recovery and since many addicts and alcoholics have fairly high emotionality, this can pose a problem. Addicts and alcoholics are a people who thrive on their emotions and many times, they do not know how to not be driven by the way they feel. By introducing coping skills for their emotions, people with addiction can take back control over their feelings and they no longer have to act out in ways that are counterintuitive to their happiness.

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  • Interviewing Skills

There is an art to performing a job interview. Everything from the way you dress, to how you speak will be judged and many newly sober people have little to no experience in doing well in this area. Learning what employers are looking for and how to represent yourself in an interview can go a long way in helping you find employment, which is not only essential to recovery but life as well.

  • Proper Eating Habits

This can be very difficult for people because in today’s fast-paced world, it can be hard to find the time to eat right. However, doing so not only helps a person physically but can also help them mentally. Research has shown that much of our emotional wellbeing is connected to our stomach and if we are eating properly, we will feel better emotionally.

  • Time Management Skills

Learning to manage your time wisely is an often underestimated skill. Many times, jobs will require you to tackle more than one problem at any given moment and so learning how to organize yourself and your time in a manner that is conducive to your success is extremely beneficial.

  • Communication Skills

How you communicate with others says a lot about who you are, so if you have the ability to communicate well, it often means you can be more successful in life. Not to mention that being able to communicate your feelings and thoughts with those closest to you, will help you build better relationships and help you avoid some of the problems that can come up from a lack of communication.

In the end, acquiring these skills will take some time and effort, but having done so, you will notice that your life has been transformed. Problems that used to leave your head spinning will either be non-existent or will be well within your ability to handle. You will no longer have to look at the world and wonder how everyone is managing so well because you yourself will have the skills you need in order to be successful.

Seeking Treatment for Alcoholism and Addiction

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