How Many Times Can a Person Go To Drug Rehab?

Navigating the world of recovery can be something of a daunting process both for those struggling with addiction as well as their loved ones. In part this is because of the many different theories and philosophies surrounding the treatment of addiction and the myriad of options available. From rehab centers to different types of inpatient and outpatient therapy to recovery groups to individual counseling and therapy, there is just no one-size-fits-all answer for everyone.

There are, however, a number of most frequently asked questions by both persons struggling with addiction and their loved ones. One of them involves how many times a person can – or should – go to drug rehab. Like so many questions about the whole process of recovery, there is no single or short answer. Here are some of the factors involved that help answer the question of how many times a person can go to drug rehab.

Financial Means to Go To Treatment

The first issue at stake is one of finances. In regards to this, the short, simple answer is that you can go to drug rehab as many times as you can afford to. For some people, this may mean a stint in rehab every few years, while others can barely afford to pay for it once. In fact, in a 2008 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, more than 32% of respondents who felt they needed treatment for substance abuse but made no effort to get it said it was because they had no health coverage or could not afford it.

As our understanding of addiction has grown, so has health care coverage of treatment, but it still has a long way to go. In short, however, one of the primary considerations surrounding the number of times someone struggling with addiction can to go rehab is how often they can afford it.

Effectiveness of The Treatment Program For That Person

There seems to be an often misguided and mistaken belief that if an individual goes through rehab once and then “falls off the wagon” or returns to their addiction afterwards that the rehab did them no good or simply doesn’t work. This could not possibly be farther from the truth.

The effectiveness of a single visit to rehab has a great deal to the do with the length or “depth” of an individual’s addiction. Addiction is often as much about habits and patterns that become deeply ingrained over time as it is about a dependency on a substance itself.

When a young person goes to rehab for the first time, there is a higher likelihood that they can successfully manage their addiction through group therapy, counseling and outpatient treatment without a return to rehab. The older a person is, however, and the longer they have engaged in addictive behaviors, the more likely they will be to need more than one stay in a rehab facility to be able to “rewire” or overcome the ingrained habits and patterns that enable their addiction.

This is also important for families who may pay for rehab for their loved ones to understand. Some people can go to rehab one time, “dry out” and function very successfully with only outpatient treatment or group therapy to keep them straight and sober. Others have more deeply ingrained habits and patterns that may require them to spend more time in rehab to get them where they need to be in order to stay straight and sober outside of the treatment center.

Willingness of The Individual

Many times individuals end up in a rehab center under force or duress. This can be from parents, loved ones or in some cases even the courts. In some cases, the individual may choose to embrace what has been offered them and can actually make excellent progress in rehab. In other cases, they can actually resent being there or feel they don’t need it and can do everything they can to disrupt or interrupt the process.

This can even have a detrimental effect on others trying to get help or treatment. In some cases the rehab facility may actually ask the individual to leave if they show an unwillingness to engage in the proscribed treatments or interfere with the recovery of others. They may also be barred from other treatment facilities as well until they show a significant willingness to participate in their own recovery.

How Many Times Can You Go To Rehab?

The short answer is, a person can go to drug rehab as many times as they need to

Ultimately, if a person is participating in their own recovery, it may simply take more than one visit to rehab to get them in a stable enough place to live soberly outside of rehab. The rehabilitation environment is one in which many individuals that struggle with addiction thrive in, but don’t do so well outside of it.

Sometimes, it takes several stays in rehab to help them build strong enough skills and disciplines to be able to function outside of the protective walls of a rehab facility as they do inside of it. While there are always exceptions to every rule, for most, recovery is not a “one-shot” process, but a lifelong journey.

Addiction is most often the way that individuals deal with pain and how quickly an individual recovers has a great deal to do with how much pain they are in and how quickly or effectively that pain can be dealt with. This has much to do with their own participation but it also has to do with the treatment and therapeutic methods used. Unfortunately, there is also no one right treatment for everyone. What works great on some individuals does not work as well on others.

Sometimes, an individual may need to visit more than one rehab facility simply to find the right treatment method that works for them. It does not mean the first treatment facility was “bad,” it simply means their chosen therapeutic method did not work for that specific individual where a different one might.

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