Keeping the Dream Alive

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Recovery doesn’t end the day that an individual graduates from an intensive drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. In fact, the ongoing aftercare and maintaining involvement in the recovery community is often just as important to the prevention of relapse as the initial program.

For some, treatment is the easy part. Returning home can be difficult for many reasons: It’s scary to feel like you’re on your own, having lost that sense of community and the consistent, daily support of both peers and professional counselors. That’s where the Dream Center for Recovery Alumni Program comes into play.

Sustaining Recovery in the Alumni Program

Prior to treatment, addiction and the behavioral issues that addiction causes will have often left many individuals’ lives in disarray. When a treatment program  is winding down to a close, this leaves many to feel anxious about returning home and feeling unprepared or unable to take the next step, which involves picking up the pieces of formers lives in order to rebuild healthier, more productive and more fulfilling lives in recovery. Especially among those who were in active addiction for many years, it can be a struggle to find and balance employment with familial responsibilities, maintaining the home environment, and so on.

Share Your Story

Dream Center for Recovery’s Alumni Program welcomes stories, testimonials, etc. from all our past and present clients. Just fill out the form below and help spread the word that the dream of recovery is a reality thanks to Dream Center for Recovery!