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Alcoholic thinking and the abuse that ensues isn’t just something that occurs overnight. Although there is a rapid onset for most, it takes time for the obsession to make everything in life powerless and unmanageable. Unfortunately by the time it is recognizable, the mind and body have already begun their dependency to the substances being consumed. Addiction will train the addict to honestly believe everything is okay when it’s not. In this nature, addiction is a progressive disease that cultivates in stealth. Medical detoxification is the starting point for the road to recovery. All addicts/alcoholics that enter recovery have to develop their sobriety one step at a time, but this usually requires ridding the body of its irrational toxins first.

Why the Need for Medical Detoxification?

The human body is made to adapt to its surroundings physically and mentally through struggle. When any addict/alcoholic begins a daily dosage of substances to the unsuspecting mind and body, the vessel then instinctively begins to expect said substance in its bloodstream. Upon getting clean, the mind and body are not ready to give up the psychological dependence and once again caught off guard in a state similar to shock. This psychosomatic reliance thus causes a response of the body going into uncomfortable withdrawals from the routine change.

Withdrawal and the warning signs that follow are one of the largest reasons why so many addicts and alcoholics avoid recovery for the longest time. The disparaging symptoms are what most think of initially when playing with the idea of getting clean from drug addiction and/or alcoholism. However, withdrawal symptoms will always vary depending on the individual’s composition amongst other aspects. Certain factors in the equation like the age of the user, particular substances being used, length of time and amounts used all affect the type of detox required. Despite the personalized detoxification process, most individuals will experience similar discomfort in their symptoms such as:



Shaking and Delirium Tremors

Anxiety and Depression

Cold Sweats and Hot Flashes


Head/Body Aches

Loss of Appetite

Loss of Bowel Movements

Not all will need detoxification upon getting clean, but for those with severe using problems, medical intervention is usually recommended. Detox for individuals with deeper addictions can create dangerous withdrawal symptoms resulting in bodily harm and in some extreme cases death.




Our Detox Program Technique

With an entourage of doctors that specialize in addiction treatment services, Dream Center Recovery has many methods to help alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal. Our medication supported detoxification program guarantees the most comfortable approach to your individual treatment plan. All clients are evaluated from the moment they arrive and regularly from there on out until discharge. Our process is lengthy but painless to ensure a positive success rate for all new clients and their newfound road to recovery.  

With the pain of withdrawal being the primary reason why people refrain from breaking the cycle of addiction, we want to make your experience at Dream Center Recovery as comfortable and painless as possible. In doing so, we have special methods that accompany our unique charm while offering different paths for those withdrawing off of alcohol and those coming off narcotics.

While in the detoxification program, our medical staff will evaluate and establish the individual’s condition before administering any personalized medication. Any and all evaluations made are to determine whether the individual needs drug detox or alcohol detox specifically. Our highly trained recovery technicians will consistently monitor vitals and any prescribed medications from then on out. Eating, relaxing, and resting will be a top priority to ease the tension and quickly begin the healing process.

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Our Detox Program Features

Our detoxification program is created to enjoy all our assets while our clients rest and reset over a designated period of time. With lengths of detox varying from client to client, we at Dream Center Recovery feel the vital need to provide more than expectations daunt. Our process includes:

  • Medication Supported Detoxification
  • Separate Detox Programs  
  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • 24-hour patient care
  • Technician Monitored vitals
  • Compassionate Approach
  • Cutting-edge, Progressive Treatment Plans
  • Withdrawal and Post Acute Withdrawal Managing
  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Resting, Eating, and Relaxing in a Comforting Environment

The How and Why

It is important to note that detoxification from drugs and/or alcohol is done in a safe and friendly environment. Offering cutting-edge medical, homeopathic and physical protocols are just a few of the detoxification services that will promote the renewal of blood, brain, and even skin cells.

Dream Center Recovery’s detoxification services are individually designed to offer distinct detoxification services for a slew of chemical dependency ranging from alcohol, opiates, amphetamines, benzodiazepines and more.

It’s important to understand that detoxification is a fragile process that requires consistency and perseverance. Relapse can be a more prevalent factor in the beginning and to have additional supervision or even somebody to hold the individual accountable can make a world of difference between recovering from alcoholic thinking or not.

It is often recommended that when starting the cleaning of your system, you do a little more than just drop the substances. Upon entering recover, there must be an acceptance and readiness for change. Addiction and alcoholism are tricky mental diseases that will catch people off guard time and time again. So being proactive in our health choices will help everything flow smoothly as the chemicals slowly exit our bodies. This means taking the few extra steps.

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Dream Center for Recovery

In addition to over 4,000 sq. ft. of clinical office space, clients reside in a newly renovated apartment complex featuring seven(7) fully furnished, gender specific 2-bedroom apartments that are exceptionally clean, comfortable and conducive to recovery.