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Recovery is a lifelong weight for addicts and alcoholics that must be approached in an ambitious manner of sorts to avoid its burdens. It is not something that just happens but must be worked for. In recognizing this we start with the detoxification process and all the steps one must take in cleaning their body out. Upon accepting the need for help, one of the first parts to clean-up process is identifying the type of detoxification needed. To most’ surprise, detoxing from alcohol and detoxing from narcotics are entirely different experiences.

With a conglomeration of treatment facilities and treatment options in existence, making that critical resolution to enter detox is actually the first step to any change when it comes to chemical dependency. Once the decision has been made, here is where we separate the alcohol detox process from the equally caustic drug detox.

What is Alcohol Detox?

Alcoholics Anonymous was the beginning of recovery and the basis for most well-known 12 step programs in today’s modern world. A.A. has always been determined as a significant factor in contributing to the wellness of millions of addicts and alcoholics worldwide. For many, when it comes to alcohol addiction and detox, there are many aspects that show it must be treated in a different manner, to begin with than those with a drug addiction.

Alcohol detox takes the addicted persons requiring help and diagnoses the situation in regards to length, amount, and seriousness of the individual’s usage. The detox process will vary contingent upon some of these factors, but most alcoholics can look forward to a handful of problems such as:



Head and Body Aches




Delirium Tremens

For the record, only a small percentage of detoxing alcoholics experience withdrawal symptoms that actually require attentive medical supervision. This does not excuse the discomfort that is still sure to ensue. However, with our highly-qualified detox personnel here at Dream Center Recovery, anybody that walks thru the doors can be assured of individualized and personalized attention so that their specific needs are met.

Delirium Tremens

Without a doubt, alcohol is one of the most serious substances to experience withdrawals from. The receptors in our bodies cling onto alcohol quicker because it is much simpler when broken down in comparison to the plethora of chemicals some shovel into their bodies. That being said, delirium tremens are usually most likely to occur if somebody has been abusing high doses of alcohol consistently for weeks on end. They will occur typically after a few days into withdrawal and can put production of the mind and body working together to a halt.

One of the larger side effects experienced with delirium tremens is mild hallucinations during the course of it.  It is very common once it kicks in for people to start hearing or seeing things that are not reality. This includes while being physically awake and even in the unconscious state. Delirium tremens will also cause nightmares and mild disorientation. Sitting in a state of confusion is never a fun choice for anybody. Forming proper sentences and basic understandings are of tiresome difficulty.

Generally speaking, the delirium tremens will create high, pulse, high blood pressure, and hyperintense breathing aside from the hallucinations. These things all paired together can increase the likelihood of death in extreme withdrawal occurrences. The heart which is already a fragile organ can weaken during this clearing out process if not taken care of properly. Should the heart have too much strain on it from the toxins pushing their way out, it could go into failure very quickly. This is where Dream Center Recovery comes in.  

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Our Process

Here at Dream Center Recovery, there’s no doubt about it that alcohol detox can be a lengthy process, hence why we put our all into helping the individual recover. We use an evolved and very dependable set of methods for navigating the alcoholic thru the discomfort and onto brighter days.

While going thru the alcohol detox process, trained staff and medical personnel will be available around the clock to check in and make sure that our person in need is as comfortable and pain-free as possible. Our unanimous goal is for the safety and comfort of our clients while we provide options that influence motivational practices while the individual enjoys the new beginnings to life. The comfort provided will promote eating regularly, comfy sleeping accommodations and plenty to keep the mind off of toxin alleviation.

Our alcohol detox program is a gateway into the sobriety and the possibilities that be and we are more than versed on the medicated approaches that come along with the territory. Often used, a popular drug named Naltrexone blocks receptors in the brain pathways that cause alcohol cravings. This is a medication offered to many alcoholics in alcohol detox to lessen withdrawal symptoms and even continue using as a prolonged treatment aid. Although critically helpful, Naltrexone is a medication used for alcohol detox and treatment services that is dependent on a case by case basis.

Dream Center Recovery

The process of recovery may be a life-long process and there can be significant challenges an individual may have to overcome while recovering from addiction, but with motivation and the right help- recovery is possible. With support tools and a conscious approach, any individual struggling with alcohol addiction and detox from it can be on their way to a new happy and healthy life.

Dream Center for Recovery

In addition to over 4,000 sq. ft. of clinical office space, clients reside in a newly renovated apartment complex featuring seven(7) fully furnished, gender specific 2-bedroom apartments that are exceptionally clean, comfortable and conducive to recovery.