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When looking into the idea of recovery or getting clean and sober, it’s important to recognize that the mind and body have to be clean before any treatment process or therapy can be benefited upon. All the toxins and chemicals circulating throughout will only distract from finding the solution to staying away. For some, withdrawals can begin as soon as someone misses a dose. This is where alcohol and drug detox may appear identical; in truth the process and dangers behind each are diverse in nature.

It is clinically believed that the hazards of drug detox are much different from alcohol in that they are more intense withdrawal symptoms experienced and typically last longer in regards to post acute withdrawal. Everyone experiences detox a little differently, but no questions asked drug detox remains a threat to any addict that disregards handling it in a safe manner.

What is Drug Detox?

Any element of recovery to be had from chemical dependency must be started with clean slate. This means going through the process of drug detox for many addicts, and some alcoholics for those cross addicted. Dropping all the substances at once can be a tricky situation.

Although withdrawal can be uncomfortable and complex in most cases, medical supervision thru the experience can be the difference between life and death for some severe situations. With a couple similarities to alcohol detox and quite a few differences, some of the withdrawal symptoms for drug detox will include:



Runny Sinus Glands

Irregular Temperature

Cold Sweats

Muscle aches




Low energy


Drug detox medications you’ll be prescribed for drug detox are much different to those used in alcohol detox and will depend on an array of factors like the chemicals ingested, amounts, and length of usage. Although there are similar symptoms in drug and alcohol detox, most will find that drug detox symptoms can be a little more painful depending on the narcotics ingested.

What are the Dangers?

What some fail to realize is that most narcotics of the variety hurt the mind and body much differently than alcohol processing does. The body’s natural filters for toxins, like the kidneys and liver, begin to struggle much more with the chemicals that drugs will bring us. Once these begin to have problems, the body’s autoimmune system systematically begins to shut down. With it all being connected, one problem will just lead to the next and so forth and so on.

That’s just skimming some of the physical effects, while a completely different mental destruction is occurring. Some drugs will cut off oxygen to the brain, whereas others just kill brain cells and leave detrimental effects on the way the brain operates. After prolonged usage, this can cause a person to have irreversible effects that will follow them for life.  

As with alcohol detoxification, longer-term use of drugs and higher dosages can lead to more severe withdrawal symptoms when it comes to drug detox. Regardless of their plans for long-term treatment, individuals who have been abusing substances for a significant period of time are advised to seek supervised detoxification so that they can avoid or treat serious complications.

We offer Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Like other treatment plans for substance abuse disorder, medication assisted treatment is focused on identifying and treating the root cause of the addiction. Therapy is also provided to help identify situations that may trigger cravings. Developing strategies to handle your known triggers without using substances is an important aspect of your treatment plan.

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Our Process

Most addicts and alcoholics aren’t excited to enter detox, but at Dream Center Recovery we put our all into the drug detox experience. Our goal is to make individuals feel as comfortable as possible while sweating out the process as they look for a new tomorrow.

We have a careful drug detox process that includes trained technicians and medical personnel that are available 24/7 to check in and make sure that any individual in need is safe and accommodated properly. Our on-site doctors are there to diagnose the severity of any and all symptoms while making proper medical decisions that will benefit the individual in terms of medication, bed rest, and nutrition needed to be back on track.  

Unparallel to that of alcohol, doctors may prescribe a semi-opioid or synthetic opioid antagonist in some situations of drug detox. These medications work by blocking the opioid receptors in the body. There are several different opioid antagonists that exist to help addicts struggling with their chemical dependency and the withdrawal progression. Some of these substitutive drugs include Buprenorphine, Naltrexone, or Naloxone. While these are officially classified as opioids, they do not produce the same addictive effects and are used to trick the mind its recovery development.  

Doctors may also recommend over-the-counter medications to help combat some uncomfortable feelings that may arise such as stomach, body, or headaches.

Dream Center Recovery

Depending on the length of drug detox recommended by our doctors, our detox process here at Dream Center Recovery can take anywhere from three days to a week. However, rest assured that it will be the most comfortable experience one can summon while navigating through the withdrawal process. Our alcohol or drug detox program is one to look forward to.

Recovery is something that must be attained for life and there is much to prepare in order to do it the correct way. Most do not gladly welcome addiction and alcoholism into their lives, but here at Dream Center Recovery, we enjoy showing that it is not a death sentence if the addict or alcoholic chooses so. After detox and treatment, anything is possible for those that have been held down by the weight of substance abuse.

Dream Center for Recovery

In addition to over 4,000 sq. ft. of clinical office space, clients reside in a newly renovated apartment complex featuring seven(7) fully furnished, gender specific 2-bedroom apartments that are exceptionally clean, comfortable and conducive to recovery.