Health Is The Harmony
Of The Mind, Body & Spirit

Many drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers offer traditional therapeutic treatment programs that help addicts break the cycle of drug dependence and abuse and allows them to achieve the health and happiness that is experienced with long-term recovery. While these programs are invaluable, they may not fit every addict’s unique needs. For those who may not respond to traditional treatment methods, or if they have failed at previous treatment attempts, they may benefit from holistic treatment methods that address the physical, psychological and spiritual needs of the addict.

The Benefits of Holistic Treatment and Care

Holistic Treatment and CareHolistic approaches to drug and alcohol treatment can be of great assistance to the addict throughout the stages of their recovery. From the detoxification process to helping reduce stress and improving mental and physical well-being, holistic approaches play a vital role in helping those addicted to drugs and alcohol regain the internal balance needed for a solid recovery. Along with professional intervention and support, holistic approaches are extremely effective for addicts during and after drug treatment.

There have been an increasing number of drug and alcohol rehab centers which are adopting holistic treatment approaches along with more traditional therapeutic methods. When it comes to your health, well-being and recovery, drug treatment centers that feature holistic therapeutic programs can provide you the tools that you need so you can experience lifelong recovery. If you or a loved one are seeking drug treatment that embraces a holistic approach, Dream Center for Recovery should be your first phone call.

Holistic Care At Dream Center for Recovery: Total Harmony of Mind, Body and Spirit

Holistic Treatment for Drug & Alcohol AddictionAs a preeminent drug treatment facility in the state of Florida, Dream Center of Recovery provides those who seek treatment a holistic care program that focuses on the entire individual—mind, body and spirit—as the means to help our clients take back control of all aspects of their lives and develop a balanced existence that does not depend on drugs or alcohol to live life to its fullest. Our holistic-based treatment approach is highly effective because we employ a wide range of therapeutic services that provide all of our clients a full continuum of care.

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How Does A Holistic Approach Help Addicts Achieve Recovery?

As stated earlier, holistic care focuses on the mind, body and spirit of each client. In order to address each aspect, Dream Center for Recovery employs the following programs to help those who seek treatment achieve their goals:

For an addict to achieve mental recovery, Dream Center for Recovery offers a comprehensive array of substance abuse treatment therapies, which are offered in both individual and group settings. Since each client’s needs are different, our experienced therapy staff works closely with each client to determine their individual strengths and weaknesses. From these strengths and weaknesses, our staff creates individualized treatment plans which features those therapy options which best suit their needs. We offer the following evidence-based and highly effective therapies:

  • Psychotherapy (Talk Therapy)
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Family therapy
  • Trauma Resolution Therapy
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EDMR)
  • Reality Therapy


For an addict to achieve physical recovery, Dream Center of Recovery offers a wide range of services which include weekly combination of massage therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, gym exercise as well as nutritional life coaching. Thanks to Dream Center for Recovery’s location on Florida’s beautiful Treasure Coast where the average daily temperature is 72 degrees, clients will enjoy a wide range of recreational activities like fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, boating, swimming and relaxing on warm sandy beaches. Additionally, clients can take part in other fun recreational activities including cookouts, basketball and volleyball games, bowling, movies and more.

In order to address the addict’s spiritual recovery, Dream Center for Recovery offers clients the opportunity to learn about the benefits that can be obtained through the practice of daily meditation and yoga and they also have the opportunity to attend church services if they desire. Additionally, all clients are encouraged to actively participate in 12-Step self-help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA) or similar groups. Our holistic treatment and therapy programs are offered through the peaceful and serene settings of our residential facilities.

When these areas are addressed, our clients have the best chance to live a life that is truly healthy, happy and based on recovery. In addition to these services, Dream Center for Recovery also offers those who seek treatment other important services such as medical detoxification, life and coping skills training, relapse prevention programming, outpatient counseling, and sober living accommodations. At Dream Center for Recovery, we want to help you understand and address the underlying causes of your addiction and give you the tools to continue to maintain a recovery-based lifestyle once you leave our facility.

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Azen stonesddiction is a complex and progressive disease that requires a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach in order to best help you recover. You may be hesitant in undergoing drug treatment because you may feel that traditional treatment methods may not be the best fit. Additionally, you may also be hesitant because you have tried completing treatment in the past and were unsuccessful. The staff at Dream Center for Recovery understands those concerns and have created drug and alcohol treatment programs that employ holistic-based approaches that are evidence-based and proven to be effective, no matter what you previous history or specific needs.

If you are ready to leave your addiction behind and embrace a new life filled with hope and healing, call Dream Center for Recovery today. Our representatives are available around the clock to answer any and all questions you have about the services we provide. All the information that we provide our clients is always kept confidential. Put your dream of a life free of drugs and alcohol into motion and transform your life with the help of Dream Center for Recovery.

Dream Center for Recovery

In addition to over 4,000 sq. ft. of clinical office space, clients reside in a newly renovated apartment complex featuring seven(7) fully furnished, gender specific 2-bedroom apartments that are exceptionally clean, comfortable and conducive to recovery.