Is There Such a Thing As a Holistic Drug Detox?

For an addict, life tends to revolve around your addiction. At first, you may simply spend your time looking forward to your next hit or drink, and you may even be able to hide your problem with drugs and alcohol from your family and friends. However, addiction eventually catches up with you, and it is common to discover that drugs and alcohol have taken over every aspect of your life.

Sadly, you may now be dealing with problems with your relationships, health and finances. Or you may have discovered that trying to stop drinking or doing drugs uncovers the symptoms of mental health issues such as depression that you have tried to mask for too long. Everyone who enters a treatment program has a background that includes more than just their addiction, and trying to take a one-size-fits-all approach never works to address factors such as anxiety that lead to a desire to use drugs and alcohol.

Holistic drug detox programs aim to treat addiction by paying attention to your overall health and happiness. While you may have to put the extra effort in to finding a detox center that offers holistic programs, they are available and offer many benefits for your long-term recovery.

What Is Holistic Care?

Holistic care involves the improvement of your entire wellbeing. While your detox program naturally incorporates strategies for ending your addiction, it should also take a comprehensive approach to ease the symptoms of withdrawal and jumpstart your body’s process of healing.

In a holistic detox center, you will find that natural treatments can augment medical services. For instance, massage therapy helps to relieve the aches and pains that accompany withdrawal, or you may find that acupuncture helps to ease nausea. Since every person is different, your holistic detox program will be tailored to fit your specific needs. For instance, you may be provided with a nutritious diet if you have lost a significant amount of weight or suffer from anemia caused by your addiction.

What Are the Benefits of Holistic Drug Detox?

As you search for a detox center, you will come across many different types of programs. However, holistic programs go above and beyond the basic requirements of treating drug addiction because they focus on your entire body, mind and spirit. Once you enter detox, you will begin to experience these benefits of a holistic program.
• Decreased severity of withdrawal symptoms
• Increased feelings of wellbeing
• Nutritional support
• Opportunities to develop new interests

The first several days of ending drug or alcohol abuse are usually the hardest. You may find yourself grappling with uncomfortable physical and emotional symptoms that are difficult to overcome. While these days tend to be the most challenging, holistic programs help to take your mind off of the discomfort by filling your time with wholesome activities that support healing.

For instance, you may be provided with opportunities to enjoy recreational activities that help you to pass the time and cultivate new interests. You will also be able to talk to counselors that help you immediately begin to address the underlying reasons for your addiction. Depending upon your situation, you may attend individual, group or family therapy sessions that help you begin to mend your relationship and learn how to cope with mental health issues such as depression.

What Treatments are Provided in a Holistic Program?

Holistic programs differ from other types by the comprehensive treatments that they provide to enhance the recovery process. At your holistic treatment center, you will find that traditional treatments are combined with others that have been shown to enhance the success rates of those who choose to live a drug-free lifestyle.

Talk therapy is one treatment that you will experience in holistic care. This simply involves talking to a professional counselor that uses guided questions to help you understand more about why you use drugs and alcohol. These sessions rely upon you to be honest about your experiences, and many addicts choose to continue their talk therapy sessions even after they leave the primary treatment program.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is another type of holistic care that you may be offered. During this type of treatment, you will learn more about how your beliefs and thoughts influence your actions. This type of therapy is where you will learn how to identify your triggers and turn them around before they cause you to relapse.

You may have also turned to drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism after a traumatic event. Life situations such as abuse, loss or injuries can cause emotional trauma that is hard to overcome without the right type of help. Trauma resolution therapy allows you to begin the process of working through the emotional scars that have been left behind by traumatic events from your past. While this process is often emotionally challenging, it is one of the best ways to learn how to stop letting a past event influence your future.

While counseling sessions help you address emotional issues in your life, holistic care also involves other types of therapies that help to heal both your mind and body. Alternative therapy programs are a popular option at holistic care centers that allow you to begin rebuilding your self-esteem through connections with animals.

Now that you have stopped using drugs and alcohol, you will also need to find healthy ways to spend your time. In your holistic treatment program, recreational activities dominate the hours that are not spent in counseling. From playing a game of basketball to snorkeling at a beautiful beach, you will cultivate new interests that help you love the person that you become in sobriety.

Addiction is a disease that requires a personalized approach to treatment. Are you ready to make a change for the better? Contact our compassionate counselors at 877-978-3148 to find out how a holistic treatment program gives you a renewed outlook on life.