Tips For Finding An Opioid Treatment Center With Detox Included

Opioid addiction is one of the biggest problems currently facing American society, From sea to shining sea, millions of otherwise functional Americans are falling prey to this insidious disease. It would not be out of line to state prescription painkiller abuse has reached epidemic levels.

If you are suffering from an addiction to heroin or painkillers, there will hopefully come a time when you feel enough is enough. It’s not easy to admit you have a problem, and it’s equally difficult to reach out to strangers for help. Just the same, your options are going to be limited. Regardless of what you read on the Internet, rehab is the only viable way to beat an addiction.

All those quick-fix home remedies are a waste of time and money. Some of the holistic self-treatment methods will work in the short-term, but relapses almost always follow at some time in the future. If you truly want to beat your addiction to opioids, you need to enlist the services of a quality addiction treatment center like ours. If you don’t live in South Florida, it’s not an issues. In fact, there are plenty of advantages to getting treatment away from home.

Think about it. Your home turf is where your addiction arose and flourished. The area is filled with your favorite drug dealers, fellow users and enablers. If you want to focus on a full and lasting recovery from opioid addiction, you can ill-afford to waste time dealing with distractions. It’s a far better option to remove yourself from an unhealthy environment in favor of an environment that’s all about helping you reclaim a normal way of living.

Beyond thinking about where to get treatment, you’ll also want to think seriously about which treatment options will best suit your needs. You can think about that in general terms because the rehab facility will want to help customize the perfect treatment program that best addresses your unique circumstances.

Full Service Addiction Treatment – The Best Option

There’s quite a few ways to approach getting treatment. The quick impulsive option would be to settle for a local rehab and hope for the best. Of course, that’s seldom going to be the best option. This is a fight for your life. You deserve the highest level of treatment possible. Truly, what’s the probability you are going to find that at the local rehab?

Instead, you should take a little time and search near and far for the best addiction treatment you can afford. If your healthcare insurance covers rehab, as required by law (2009 ACA), the costs should have little effect on your decision. Perhaps your number one concern should be aimed at getting all your treatment programs covered under one roof. Let’s discuss some tips for finding a quality opioid treatment center with detox included. Here’s four tips we believe will help keep you focused:

  • Read the Literature
  • Understand the Importance of a Full Service Treatment Option
  • Use Outside Resources
  • Expand Your Scope

Read the Literature

We live in the 21st century. The Internet makes it easy for us to do comparison shopping. Like us, a quality addiction treatment center is going to have a highly functional website. The site should provide a complete description of all the services the center is offering. It’s not difficult to find out if a particular facility offers both detox programs and therapy.

Understand the Importance of a Full Service Treatment Option

First, you need to accept the notion you will most likely need a detox program if you are addicted to opioids. The potential withdrawal symptoms you could encounter when you stop using are significant. We are talking about symptoms like:

  • Breathing and blood pressure problems
  • Seizures and convulsions
  • Severe muscle and stomach cramping
  • Hallucinations
  • Disrupted sleep problems
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Depression and anxiety

Your motivation to find a full service treatment center with detox will be enhanced if you understand why it’s so important. It’s called continuity of treatment. At our facility, the staff works very well together. Each department communicates effectively regarding specific patients. How does that play out?

At intake, the intake staff gathers information about your addiction and physical condition. A clinician uses that information to determine the proper course of treatment. If detox is needed, that’s the first place they will send you. While in detox, the medical staff is gathering still more information about your condition. Some light counseling also gives them information they can share with the counseling staff.

After detox, you will be assigned to a counselor or group of counselors. The transition of information from the detox staff to the counseling staff should be seamless. The time savings is immeasurable and the effectiveness of treatment is enhanced.

Use Outside Resources

If you are pressed for time or in no condition to make good decisions, you might want to look for help from outside resources. The addiction treatment industry has several “watchdog” organizations that can quickly point out where you can find a quality rehab that includes detox. This same kind of information could be provided from your physician. If you can find a good 12-Step meeting, fellow members might be able to recommend what they feel is a top treatment center. You have to be willing to find the courage to simply ask for help.

Expand Your Scope

As we eluded to earlier, the best treatment option might not be in your backyard. That’s especially true if you are looking for a full service treatment provider. Open your mind up to as many possibilities as possible. The wider your scope, the more likely you are to find the right treatment option.

You don’t have to struggle with the cycle of addiction. There’s a way out and we can help. For more information about our full menu of rehab services, we encourage you to call us at 877-978-3148