Treatment Services

The Best Time to Start Your Recovery from Addiction is Today

The process of seeking treatment for your drug and alcohol addiction can be a challenging process. Many drug rehab facilities offer addicts a wide variety of services, and you may be unsure of which services will have the most benefit to your, your loved one or your family. Drug treatment can be seen as a significant investment in your health and your future, so you need to be sure that the treatment center that you choose will have the services that will give you the best opportunity to achieve the ultimate goal of long-term sobriety.

Dream Center for Recovery: A Full Continuum of Care

As one of the premier drug rehab facilities in Florida, Dream Center for Recovery offers client a wide range of treatment services that will address the underlying causes of your addiction and will help you realize recovery of the mind, body and spirit. Our treatment staff has extensive experience in dealing with the complex nature of addiction and uses a wide array of therapies and programming to help create individualized treatment plans that best fit the your unique and specific needs.

Treatment Services Provided By Dream Center for Recovery


If a family member or a loved one needs drug treatment services, but are resistant to make that commitment or if they have several failed treatment attempts in the past, Dream Center for Recovery offers families an intervention specialist that can help you organize an effective intervention to help motivate your loved one to seek the help they desperately need.

Medical Detox

When an addict suddenly stops taking drugs and alcohol, they can experience physical and psychological symptoms associated with withdrawal that can be uncomfortable, painful and potentially life-threatening. Dream Center for Recovery offers medical detox services that are supervised by experienced and licensed staff. The goal of medical detox is to minimize withdrawal symptoms and help the client become medically stable and substance free. Once this is accomplished, clients are ready to transition into formal drug treatment.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Dream Center for Recovery’s state licensed drug and alcohol rehab program provides a private, safe, controlled and sober living environment that enables men and women ages 18 and older to completely immerse themselves into our comprehensive treatment services. The small, intimate size of our program is designed to ensure that each client receives the compassionate and highly personalized care needed to achieve the dream of addiction free living. Our team of highly trained addiction work together to formulate a comprehensive addiction treatment plan tailored to each client’s needs. All Dream Center residences are fully managed and supervised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by Dream Center for Recovery’s professional and caring staff.

Intensive Outpatient

For those whose commitments may prevent them from attending inpatient treatment, we offer an intensive outpatient program in which clients can receive the therapy and programming they need while continuing to uphold their work, family and educational obligations.  The intensive outpatient program is also ideal for clients that have graduated from Dream Center’s 30-45 day drug and alcohol rehab program, and are looking for continued help and support to achieve the Dream of addiction-free living while returning to work, school or other commitments and obligations.

Comprehensive Substance Abuse Treatment Therapies

By utilizing a comprehensive array of highly effective substance abuse treatment therapies, Dream Center for Recovery can create a customized treatment plan around each client’s needs.  Our highly trained addiction specialists work closely with each client to determine their strengths and weaknesses while formulating a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to their specific needs. Whether it is individual or group therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), trauma resolution therapy or solution-based therapy, we are able to find a therapeutic treatment option that will best work for you.

Holistic Care

Dream Center for Recovery also provides a variety of holistic care methods that is focus on the mind, body and spirit of each client. Combined with traditional counseling and therapy, holistic helps our clients take back control of all aspects of their lives and develop a balanced existence that does not depend on drugs or alcohol to live life to its fullest. The range of holistic services we provide include acupuncture, yoga and message therapy as well as chiropractic care, gym exercise, mediation and nutritional coaching.

Equestrian Center

With our equestrian center, we are able to offer our clients equine therapy, which gives them a unique opportunity to understand how their behaviors affect themselves and others as well as develop new ways of thinking about old behavior patterns. Like other animal-based therapies, horses offer unique opportunities for growth because they have the uncanny ability to precisely mirror what human body language is communicating to them. Addicts are able to hide their true feelings from the people that love them the most, but horses can see the real person underneath. By working with our horses and being active in their care, our clients learn empathy, compassionate and how to relate to other beings in meaningful ways.

Life Skills Training

At Dream Center for Recovery, we understand the importance of teaching our clients the essential life skills that are needed to help them function on a day-to-day basis. Through our life skills training program, those new in recovery will learn firsthand how to apply new lifestyles and thought patterns to everyday life so that by the time clients return to the independence and responsibility of normal life they are accustomed to clean, healthy living as well as maintaining daily recovery efforts.

Relapse Prevention Skills

No matter how solid an individual’s plan of recovery may be, the possibility of relapse back into active addiction can occur weeks and months after an individual completes drug treatment. Dream Center for Recovery teaches our clients to recognize the different stages of relapse and the associated symptoms related to each stages. With knowledge of these symptoms, clients can employ a variety of techniques to help minimizes the triggers and urges in their environment that can lead to relapse.


The completion of formal drug treatment doesn’t signal the end of recovery. In order for the newly recovering addict to continue maintaining their recovery, we offer aftercare programs such as continued individual and group counseling, outpatient counseling, 12-Step support and sober living homes. These aftercare options continue to educate our clients of the dangers of relapse and gives them the tools to make the transition from treatment to their daily lives much smoother and with less stress.

Contact Dream Center for Recovery today and make your commitment to recovery, health and hope.