Trying to Pass a Drug Test? Think Twice About Using Spice

Whether you are a casual drug user or in the grips of a drug addiction, the use of substances has significant impacts in your daily life. In addition to diminishing physical health and mental clarity, drug use can severely impact how you are able to take care of yourself–and maintaining meaningful employment is one such example. Many businesses large and small have instituted strict policies regarding drug use in the workplace and have made drug testing and screening a regular part of their operations.

Whether you have just landed a great new job and are subject to the pre-screening process or if you are subject to a random drug test at your current place of employment, going through a drug test can be a tenuous affair–especially if you are actively using drugs. In order to keep your job,you may pull out all the stops and utilize various “cheat” methods or use various forms of cleanses and detox products to beat the system.

In recent years, an increasing number of people have resorted to using a synthetic drug known as spice for the purpose of beating drug tests. If you happen to be an individual who regularly uses spice or synthetic marijuana, you may have known or heard from friends that this relatively new drug doesn’t show up on traditional drug screens. When you hear this news you think to yourself that you are in the clear and continue to use the drug with no worries. While you may think using spice to pass a drug test is a good idea, you need to think twice about those thoughts. The reality is that spice is a dangerous drug and the negative consequences of its use go beyond passing a drug test.

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The Use of Spice and Passing Drug Tests

One of the main reasons why people use spice for the purpose of beating a drug test is the fact that the synthetic cannabinoids that are present in spice don’t produce  the metabolite in urine that is used to test for cannabis use. Because of this fact, people could continue to use spice knowing their jobs were not in danger or their court obligations (i.e probation) was intact.

In an article that was featured in the Washington Post writer Andrea Noble wrote the following about spice use among those in the Washington D.C. criminal justice system:

“A quarter to a third of young men drug tested as they passed through the District’s criminal justice system had recently used synthetic marijuana, with positive results surprisingly high among those who screened negative for more conventional illegal drugs, according to a report released Wednesday.”

While this may seem like great news, those feelings of safety can be extremely misleading–and even dangerous to your health.

Think You Can Still Beat a Drug Test Using Spice? Think Again

While spice users may be able to beat traditional drug test that look for alcohol, marijuana and other substances, there are companies which have developed drug tests and testing procedures that can specifically look for the presence of spice in your urine. Drug testing companies such as Ameritox and Smartox have developed  specialized tests which can detect the most common synthetic cannabinoid (cannabis) compounds that are present in spice.

In some cases, these tests can be administered as a dip drug test in which litmus strips can be dipped into a person’s urine for only a few seconds with accurate results obtained in 15 minutes. While this development is encouraging to those who look to minimize the use of spice, those who create spice and its derivatives are seemingly one step ahead of any preventative measure. As a result, these chemists create new and powerful drugs that are similar in nature to spice which produce effects that are often dangerous and potentially deadly to users

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What Are The Effects of Smoking Spice?

For those who smoke the drug, spice produces effects similar to marijuana in that users experience elevated moods, alters perception and promotes relaxation. However, there are dangers of smoking spice are numerous and include the following:

  • psychotic episodes
  • paranoia
  • increased anxiety
  • hallucinations
  • increased heart rate
  • agitation
  • vomiting
  • uncontrollable body movements
  • sweating and loss of control
  • red eyes
  • dry mouth

Interestingly, those who smoke spice will not produce increased hunger as with natural marijuana. In fact, spice users will experience a significant decrease in appetite. If you are struggling with spice addiction, please call Dream Center for Recovery today.

What Are The Dangers of Using Spice?

The biggest danger that spice poses to users is the fact that the drug is constantly changing in its formulation. While the FDA has banned spice and many of the synthetic substances that make up the drug, chemists who create spice are constantly modifying these substances in order to beat the ban. In effect, they are creating new drugs that are technically legal and available for purchase.

What may surprise those who use the drug is that the combination of synthetic cannabinoids and other ingredients that make up spice are not tested on humans in any way, shape or form. When you purchase spice, you do not have any idea of the drug’s potency. As a result, you are putting yourself at great risk as far as experiencing potentially life-threatening complications. The most common dangers in regards to spice use are the following:

  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations (sometimes violent ones)
  • Tremor
  • Seizures
  • Tachycardia (rapid heartbeat)
  • Cardiac problems
  • Kidney Damage
  • Mental Illness

While federal and state law enforcement agencies are trying to make spice illegal by banning the chemicals used to make the drug, underground chemists often stay one step ahead and develop new variations on these compounds.

The Need for Treatment

Because spice can be purchased legally, you may not see the dangers of smoking the drug. Besides the dangerous side effects, if you try and quit spice you will experience serious withdrawal symptoms such as dehydration, kidney damage, insomnia and suicidal thoughts. If you are addicted to spice, you need to professional help immediately. While you may have used spice for a considerable period of time and may not think you have a spice addiction, continued use of spice will only make your problems worse down the road, and the consequences you may face may be more severe.

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