What Advantages Does a Drug Rehab in FL Have Over Rehab in Other States?

Do you need help to conquer your addiction? Choosing the right rehab facility can make all the difference in your recovery. Many select a center that is located away from their homes and friends to keep their personal life private, which is understandable. Every year, tens of thousands of people head to the Sunshine State to begin their journey. Since it’s a popular vacation destination, you can understand why so many select this location for their recovery. Florida has a lot to offer, and a rehabilitation center in this area may be just what you need. So, what are the advantages of coming to the south to detox rather than choosing another state for recovery? Here are five reasons why you should consider this area:

1. Tranquil Beaches Are A Great Place to Heal

From coast to coast, Florida has tons of beautiful beaches. In the panhandle, the white, sugary sands beckon to those who need a place to clear their head. In the south, the action in Miami and the Florida Keys give you lots of beautiful scenery and tons of sites ready to help in your journey. There is something about the crashing waves and sticking your toes in the sand that can help put things into perspective.

Why do so many people head to the beaches each year? Well, water is known to be healing for the mind, body, and soul. Some experts believe that the love of water stems clear back to the time spent in the womb. Being surrounded by water as you were formed, the love of this essential element comes naturally. The sounds and smells are absolutely inviting. Since detoxing and turning your life around is a massive undertaking, allow the healing powers of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean to help. In fact, many centers focus on the water therapy, and it may be just what you need.

2. Bask in The Sunshine

Not everybody finds the water healing, but very few can scoff at abundant sunshine. If you choose to go to a rehabilitation center in the middle of winter, picking a southern location may be advantageous. In the northern half of the country, the cold temperatures and gray skies can really affect your mood. In Florida, the sun is almost always shining. A sunny sky is about more than just a postcard.

Did you know that low levels of vitamin D can cause your mood to tank? Sitting in the sun for just 20 minutes a day can boost this vitamin level, and it can assist in the healing process. If you need a dual-diagnosis center that treats mental health issues too, then choose a place that is filled with sunshine? Warm weather and rays of light can increase your feel-good hormones and aid in recovery.

3. Removes Yourself from Potential Triggers

Another great reason to choose a rehab in Florida is that it can remove you from the triggers that caused your addiction. If you live in the state of Ohio or even California, they have excellent facilities too. However, relocating a few hours from your home base can be an essential step in healing. You want to develop new relationships and find friends that can support your substance-free lifestyle. If you are constantly reminded of how easy it is to get your next high or hang out with friends that still use, it may be easy to revert to your old ways. Choosing an inpatient facility helps give you more direction as you get that focused one-on-one treatment that is necessary. Coming to Florida will allow you to remove yourself from the situation, and this is essential for success.

4. Florida Is the “Rehab Capital of The World”

It has long been recognized that Florida has more rehabilitation centers than anyplace else in the world. Whether you want to go to a famous city like Miami and receive care or you choose a low-key place in Bradenton makes no difference, the choice is up to you. One of the advantages is not only finding majestic locations to satisfy, but there are openings all over the state. Some people have a hard time getting a bed or are put on a waiting list until they can get into inpatient care. In Florida, if one center is full, you always have the option to choose from many others that have ample openings.

5. Use the “Florida Model of Care”

Part of the reason why Florida is so well-known is that they use a model of care that is groundbreaking. They offer excellent transitional services. What that means to you is when you complete the program you are not going back out into the world unprepared. They have case managers who help you as you go back into the real world. There is assistance with housing, job preparation, and other services to ensure you land on your feet. While most centers do offer some sort of transitional help, Florida is known for going above and beyond and ensuring you are a success.

The Key Is to Get Help – Location Is A Perk

While you may have all sorts of mixed feelings about where you will go to rehab, the important thing is that you go somewhere. Very few people can conquer an addiction problem without professional help, especially if it’s an addiction that’s been around for many years.

Additionally, going through the detox process can be dangerous, and you need support and a medical team nearby. Whether you have a problem with alcohol, heroin, cocaine or prescription medications, the first few days will be tough. Having a dedicated team by your side that can offer a shoulder to cry on, and a helping hand is essential. Florida has a lot going for it in the way of climate and scenery, and if you must make such a drastic step to save your life, then do it somewhere fabulous.

If you are ready to make that first step and get into a rehab center in Florida, call our helpline at 877-978-3148. We have representatives waiting to assist anytime day or night.