What it Means to Have a Psychic Change

In order to expel the obsession to drink and use drugs, a person who suffers from addiction must acquire a psychic change that alters their relationship to the drink or drug. This psychic change does not constitute a cure for addiction or alcoholism, but what it does establish is a completely different outlook on life and a shift in personality that is both dramatic and positive.

A person who has had a psychic change may sometimes be unaware that this has occurred at first, but over time, the fact that their entire life has been transformed will become evident. Whereas in the past, they may have been unable to remain abstinent from drugs or drink alcohol for more than a day, they now find that they have little to no temptation to use either of these substances. They may also find that the anger they experienced towards life for so many years has all but vanished and they now experience peace and serenity on a regular basis. These things are the hallmarks of a psychic change and once experienced, a person who was hopelessly addicted to drugs and alcohol will find that their ability to remain sober has increased exponentially.

How Do You Have A Psychic Change?

For millennia, people from all races and religions have been seeking spiritual experiences, or psychic changes. They have sought this through prayer, fasting, pilgrimages, psychotropic drugs, and any other form of religious ritual you could think of. For some people, these things will result in a psychic change, but for the addict or alcoholic, the psychic change required to overcome their substance abuse issues usually comes about as the result of working the 12 Steps.

How exactly the 12 Steps create this change is not entirely clear, but on some level, honesty, confession, and surrendering control of your life seems to be what brings about this dramatic shift in personality.

Usually, during the course of step work, a person will experience a psychic change after the completion of their 5th Step. This is not always the case and people experience this spiritual experience at their own pace and in their own time, but very often, looking objectively at your life and sharing the things that plague you with another human being will result in a clearness of mind and a new outlook on existence. You will more than likely find that after your 5th Step, you are no longer inundated with negative thoughts about yourself or others and you will no longer feel compelled to drink or use drugs.

Having this change occur is the purpose of the Steps and it is a beautiful experience to have. Many people have described the spiritual experience they had during the course of the Steps, as the very thing they had been looking for their entire life, and that after the work was done, they knew for the first time, in a long time, that they were going to be alright.

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What it Means to Have a Psychic Change

For each person what this means will differ, just as each person has their own personal relationships with a power greater than themselves, but generally speaking, a change to the psyche consists of having a massive overhauling in your personality and worldview. A person who was incredibly dishonest will find that they are now honest and a person who was hopelessly depressed will find peace and joy.

Having a change of this magnitude does not mean that your personality ceases to exist and you become a religious bore, but rather it means that the parts of your personality that were leading you towards your destruction will no longer be so pronounced and the things that you find important in life will change.

You may have been driven in the past by the pursuit of money and prestige. Once you work the Steps and experience the change described above, you will more than likely find that you are driven by creating meaningful relationships in your life and by helping other people. This is not to say that making money or getting prestige will not interest you at all, although this is possible, but rather that you will gain perspective on what is important in life.

A change of the psyche is really an experiential thing, and while it can be described, to a person who has not experienced it, it will not really make sense. For instance, before you got sober and worked the Steps, it was probably baffling to you how the individuals in AA and NA could be happy without the use of drugs or alcohol, but once you experienced what they experienced it made total sense. For this reason it is best to work the Steps without intellectualizing them, because to do so would be to try to frame them within your current understanding of the world and would result in their failure to take.

So while having a spiritual experience may sound like some far off, esoteric thing, it is fairly simple to attain. Simply work the Steps to the best of your ability, try to be as honest as you can be, and begin to pray even if you don’t believe in God or anything greater then yourself. All of these things will result in the change necessary to keep you sober and you will find that you life has been transformed for the better.

Seeking Treatment For Alcoholism or Addiction

If you find that you cannot stop using drugs or alcohol even though you would like to, then you may be suffering from an addiction. Addiction is an actual, recognizable disease and as such, you’re inability to stop on your own should not be a cause for shame or guilt. There are millions of people every year who need to seek help for addiction and alcoholism, and many have made it through their struggles to a life of recovery. So if you think you need help, then call the professionals at Dream Center for Recovery today at 1-877-978-3148. Our trained staff is standing by to take your call, to help you in any way they can.