Why a Holistic Drug Rehab in Florida is Better than Treatment Centers that Only Use Traditional Methods

A holistic drug rehab in Florida is better than a treatment center that only uses traditional methods because it addresses all of the components of addiction. Addiction is a complex physiological, psychological, social. and spiritual disease. In order for it to be effectively treated, all four components need to be addressed. While traditional methods of treatment address some of the components, they do not address all of them. Holistic drug rehab centers in Florida integrate effective traditional methods with cutting-edge therapy methods.

Holistic drug rehab centers in Florida use a variety of therapy methods to address all of the components of addiction:

Traditional Talk Therapy

Talk therapy is a traditional method that almost all treatment centers use to treat the psychological component of addiction. Most -if not all- addictions have an underlying psychological trigger (e.g. childhood trauma, single-traumatic event, low self-esteem, untreated mental illness, etc.). Individualized therapy will help you address your psychological triggers and help you cope with them without having to use substances.

Group therapy is another form of talk therapy that teaches you how to collaborate with your peers on solutions to your problems. A counselor usually leads the group by proposing a topic and/or activity, and you and your peers will discuss the topic or do the activity. Twelve Step Meetings or 12-Step-Alternative Meetings are a form of group therapy.

Residential Living Quarters

A major difference between holistic rehab centers and traditional rehab centers are the clients’ living quarters. Traditional rehab centers’ living quarters are almost identical to hospital rooms. The living quarters are also in the same building as the clinical space.

Contrary to traditional rehab centers, holistic rehab centers’ living quarters are similar to regular residences. Residential living quarters make the clients feel more comfortable and less like patients. Those style of living quarters allow you to learn the life skills (e.g. cleaning, cooking, organizing, etc.) that you would need to live in a regular apartment. The residences being separated from the clinical facilities will allow plenty of outdoor time and privacy.

Experiential Therapies and Off-Site Trips

Experiential therapies work by helping you address your unconscious emotions and thoughts through engaging in a variety of activities. You will have an easier time opening up when you are engaging in fun, relaxing activities. These experiential therapies, include, but are not limited to, art therapy, yoga/meditation, equine and other animal therapy, recreation/fitness, nature therapy, and music therapy. Holistic rehab centers may also take you and the other clients to off-site trips to the beach, movie theaters, bowling alleys, etc. While the off-site trips play a role in experiential therapies, they also address the social component of addiction by teaching the you that you can have fun and socialize without drugs and alcohol.
•Biomedical Therapies

Many holistic rehab centers are now using biomedical therapies (e.g. chiropractic care, acupuncture, biosound therapy, etc.). The physiological component is not completely treated by medical detox. Continuous treatment is needed to repair the damage that prolonged substance use has caused. While biomedical therapies primarily treat the physiological aspect, they can also treat the psychological and spiritual. Biomedical therapies are especially helpful for chronic pain sufferers who became addicted to opiates.

The Change from Traditional to Holistic Rehab Centers in Florida

Addiction treatment has evolved several times over the past century. In the beginning, addicts were simply treated as pariahs and were disowned by their families and society. Their final destination was either death or prison. Later, addicts were institutionalized in mental hospitals. In 1935, Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob founded Alcoholics’ Anonymous, which took a spiritual approach to treating addiction. When traditional rehab centers came along, they were designed no different than hospitals. The rooms were cold and sterile. The only activities that were on the daily agenda were eating, sleeping, talk therapy, and meetings. The clients were confined to one building for the entire duration of their stay. They were allowed almost no outdoor time. Recovery rates were still staggering low due to the unpleasant nature of treatment, which gave addicts’ a bad first impression of life in recovery.

In the 1980’s, Sid Goodman decided to take a different approach. He decided to transform Florida addiction rehab centers into “real-world environments.” The newly-designed rehab centers would be similar to college campuses. The clients would live in apartments that were separate from the buildings where treatment took place, which would allow the clients to have plenty of outdoor time. The treatment regimen would also use experiential therapies. This model of treatment would later be called “the Florida model.” Today, the Florida is used by rehab centers all over the world, and numerous studies have concluded that the Florida model produces significantly higher success rates than the traditional model.

Family Therapy as a Part of the Holistic Approach

A true holistic rehab will understand the importance of providing help for the entire family. Addiction is a family disease; therefore, the entire family must be treated. Family members are often just as sick as the addict. The only difference is that they are not using the addictive substance. Addiction brews a lot of distress, resentment, and mistrust in a family. If nothing changes, then nothing changes. If the recovering individual is coming home to the same broken family that they left, their chances of relapsing are significantly higher.

Rehab centers administer family therapy in several ways. Many rehab centers offer intervention services that get the addict into treatment and help the family make the changes that are necessary to propel the addict into treatment. Many rehab centers host family-designated days for the family members of the clients to come and participate in therapy and workshops. The individual counselors may also call the family in during any given time to work with them.

Dream Center for Recovery: A Holistic Rehab

Dream Center for Recovery is a holistic rehab center that is located in Palm City, Florida. We utilize a variety of therapy techniques to treat the mind, body, and spirit. Intervention services are also available. We are Joint Commission Accredited, and most major insurance plans are accepted.

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